Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blackmail is Such an Ugly Word

It has become common occurrence for Ty and I go to out to the lake or river at least once each weekend. Sometimes we're with Klint. Sometimes we're with Walt and Nancy. We always have a good time.

When we go to the lake, we're usually very active. Everyone (myself excluded) takes turns surfing and we cruise around the lake. But when we go to the river, we pretty much just sit in the water and hope nothing rubs up against our legs. Drinking beer makes me less paranoid about that happening. Those who know me well would consider it a miracle that I get in the murky waters of the Mighty Red at all. But like I said, we have a good time.

My best example of the good times is the Fourth of July. We had two boats filled with people and food. Chicken, pizza, sub sandwiches, ribs, fruit, chips, etc. The girls ended up having a dance party in the boat. The guys pretty much just laughed. And one person snapped pictures the entire time. Some are acceptable — and posted online — but the others have become a source for blackmail. There's nothing raunchy. But the fewer images of me and my friends dancing in our swimsuits, the better. I'm modest, remember!

I believe I have done enough pleading with my blackmailer to save myself for now. But for the time being, I live in fear — and my cover-up.


Ashley Netherton said...

Steph, I'd like to discuss the following in that lower pics..
#1, i think Marcus is hilarious laid up on the back of the boat..
#2, are your feet touching the bottom of the river ?? EW!!
#3, is there something like a rope wrapped around your shoulders ?

Stephanie Netherton said...

You are so observant!

1. Marcus is hilarious in that pic.

2. Yes, but it's sandy and not marshy so I can handle that.

3. Yes, Ty keeps a short leash on me. Kidding, that's the rope to the boat anchor!

Ashley Netherton said...

BHAHAAH!! I'm laughing.. Ty keeps you on a short leash.. ha ha .. no really it's the anchor ?

Stephanie Netherton said...

I wouldn't mind if he kept me on a leash at the river. Sometimes the current is strong!

Mandy S said...

i have such a hard time looking at pics of people in the Mighty Red...it's something i grew up looking at ... not swimming in. not sure about that. i showed one of the pics to my husband and his reaction was great! he's kinda spoiled though, cause up in Michigan (w/all the yankees) the water is always amazingly clear. really, it's weird to swim in a clear lake or river!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Mandy, I bet his reaction was priceless! The water looks something like a Yoo-hoo. I'm really looking forward to the Ouachita trip. Clear water? What's that going to be like!

Mandy S said...

a yoo-hoo!! that's a great comparison!! keep dreaming for clear water at Ouachita! :) ... just tell yourself it's clear, you just can't tell due to the beer clouding your view!