Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Night Man-quet

Pardon to logo, I know it doesn't fit the artwork typically displayed here, but I've got a good explanation. Tonight, the gentlemen will be attending the Delta Waterfowl Banquet. I'm not 100 percent sure what the guys do at the banquet. I think there is a meal, maybe items for sale or an auction, and I know there's a cash bar. I only take note of the really important things.

This doesn't sound like much fun to me (Not that I was invited). I'm not big on hunting. I hate the weekends that Ty is gone. I tend to bake just to pass the time. It just seems like one of those things a woman is traditionally supposed to do while her beau is gone on a hunt. He brings back duck, I bake cupcakes. Fair trade.

Second, I don't really like banquets. The food is always mediocre. There's usually a speaker. It's too official sounding for a Friday night. Once again, not that I was invited. So, with the men attending their Man-quet, that leaves the girls with an open agenda. And I personally believe our night is going to be spicier than the guys.

Tonight, Nancy, Lauren and I will be having drinks and apps in the lounge at Ernest's. If the food and atmosphere weren't terrific enough, then factor in the tipsy old people dancing and you've got a home run. We have a few more months before duck season opens, but I'm wondering if we should go ahead and reserve a table for November through February. Crab claws and hot shrimp. Now, that's how you spend a Friday night.


Ashley Netherton said...

Sounds like my kind of girls night !! Y'all have fun.. and don't let any of those old men try to pick you up!!

Patrick said...

Number 1, there are no speakers at this banquet.

Number 2, the food is very tasty, assuming you enjoyed fried things.

Number 3, there are always great silent auction items for the wives/girlfriends. These people aren't stupid...they know who holds the purse strings.

Stephanie Netherton said...

I heard it wasn't the best banquet. The auction was too long, according to the guys. And the only thing our guys came away with was a hunting trip to North Dakota in Oct. 2011. No gifts for the ladies!

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