Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Watch

Today we're welcoming a new friend into the world. We don't yet know if Baby Duvall is a boy or a girl, but we will soon find out. I'm guessing Baby D is a girl. I know the parents will be thrilled either way, but Moss would be an excellent daddy for a little girl. That's something I'd like to see.

Ty and Moss have been friends since they were in Speedos. And my guy was in Speedos probably more than he was in diapers. I know we'll always be friends with the Duvalls, and one day (in the distant future) I hope our kids will be as close as Ty and Moss have always been ... maybe minus the Speedos.

Baby D, we can't believe we're finally going to meet you today. We can't wait!


Tracy said...

Tell Moss that Tracy Gardner (from high school) said Hello and Congratulations!!! And if you see Mrs. Weezer tell her I said Hi too! I love that lady!

Kelly said...

This is a great picture!!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Tracy, I will pass on the word. Hopefully, I will see them all in a few hours.