Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Things in Life

Ty and I met this precious little lady last night. Meet Lora Brynn Duvall. She's adorable, looks just like her momma. We seemed to arrive at the wrong time. Brynn had just gone upstairs for a bath, and it would be two hours before she would be done. Michel was trying to stomach her hospital food — beef tips and rice with carrots and peas in it. Who puts carrots and peas in beef tips? Even school cafeterias can get that right.

At least we got to see Moss and Michel and their sweet baby girl. I hope to swing by again today. I can't wait to hold her.

In other news, I have two days left at SB and then I start my new job at Fibrebond on Monday. This is where my office will be located. The property is large, 170 acres to be exact. I haven't even seen the entire property, but I'll be working in the "White House," as they call it.

Monday is going to feel like that first day of school. A new company, new office, new people, new town and a new line of work. To top off my excitement, I've heard nothing but excellent things about this company. They have a strong reputation, and I feel extremely fortunate to join their team.

So, yesterday I received an e-mail from my new boss. She tells me that starting Monday the air ducts are being cleaned out throughout the building, starting with our wing. For the first week, we won't have access to our offices, but at least we'll have clean air. Now I know this job and company will, literally, be a breath of fresh air.


melissa said...

Sweet Baby and good luck next week!