Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bi-Monthy Recap

There have been so many exciting things happening these days. Not all good, but all exciting none the less.

1. My best friend got married. I never would have guessed that LJ would have been such a girlie bride, but she really got into the whole wedding planning thing. Her day with Marcus was beautiful. LJ was beautiful. Mrs. Lesa was the smoking hottest mother of the bride that I've ever seen. I didn't cry ... although the bridesmaid sobbing in my ear made it difficult to resist. The reception was gorgeous and so much fun. Ty and I enjoyed dancing together and with friends. We later treated our out-of-town pals Steven and Kelsy to their favorite Shreveport spot, Tiki Tavern. (Thanks for reading the blog, guys! I'll try to write more often.) Then I had to survive a week without LJ while she was on her honeymoon. We still talked three times (texting not included).

2. My dad had surgery. I hate typing those words almost as much as I hated sitting in the doctor's office waiting on a report while my dad was having his spine operated on. My dad is tough and strong and just means the world to me. Even knowing he would be OK, it was difficult to see him so vulnerable. He probably handled the whole thing better than I did. They went in through his throat, moving all the stuff in his neck to one side to get to the spot they needed to reach (pardon my non-medical description). He made it through and all went well. Hopefully, he'll be able to have some turkey with his dressing on Thursday.

3. I went to a Sip n See for Ty's niece Ruby Belle. I haven't seen Ruby Belle since the week she was born, so it's a great treat to have her and Ty's sister Mandy here for a full week. My wonderfully artistic and talented friend Lauren Smith painted this canvas for Ruby's room. You can see more of Lauren's designs on her blog. I think it turned out fantastic, and Mandy loved it, too. I brought Lauren a loaf of homemade bread this weekend, however it's going to take a lot more bread to level the playing field.

4. I've invited about 16 of our closest friends to my house tomorrow night for Friendsgiving! Ty and Jonathan Smith are going to fry their first turkey and God-willing not burn my house down. Guests are bringing non-traditional side dishes and desserts. And I'm pretty sure the Duvall's will bring Baby Brynn along, too. It should be a wonderful start to the holiday season, and a celebration of 16 people I'm thankful for!


melissa said...

WOW! LJ looks gorgeous! and so do you! Love the dresses!

Miss ya Friend!

Mandy S said...

Can't wait for Wed night! and yes, i LOVED the paiting/wall hanging and Ruby Belle loved it, too!!!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I hope Ruby Belle's first words are, "Mom, where did you get that fantastic canvas?"

Melissa, I loved the bridesmaid dresses!! Maybe because I helped pick them out. The color was gorgeous. But with it being so flowy, it was like hanging out in a glamorous night gown. I really could have slept in that thing!

Mandy S said...

funny!...i thought i heard her say that the other day!

had fun hanging out w/y'all this week!! wish we could have stayed longer!!