Monday, November 2, 2009

Too Much Fun to Blog

I'm sorry that I've gone from being such a reliable blogger to a total delinquent. My original plan was to blog while sitting at my desk eating lunch, but it's hard to eat while typing and this girl has her priorities in place. Plus, I've started to thoroughly enjoy watching while pretending I'm eating at home like I used to. I do miss those days.

However, the job change has been excellent, and I'm starting to settle into a new routine. It takes some planning. Thank goodness I'm solid in that department. Working in Minden means I must eliminate those quick, after work trips to the grocery store. I now plan out weekly dinner and lunch menus. I only go to the grocery store once a week, which gives me time to work out all those other days.

So that pretty much sums up the ins and outs of the daily life. Following is a brief photo essay of the good, fun stuff that's been going on.

Exhibit A: Bachelorette Party

My bestie LJ is getting married in less than two weeks. We've done the bridal pics, showers, showers and more showers, and perhaps the best thing of all, her bachelorette. Her sister, Crystal Wibben, and friend Lauren Smith helped plan a fun evening for LJ. The party started at my house with dinner and lingerie opening. We spent the rest of the night riding in the limo and visiting some old, favorite night spots. And I won't even tell you how the night ended.

Exhibit B: Tiger Stadium

Ty and I made the trip to Baton Rouge for the LSU/Auburn game with our friends Klint and Kathleen. The game was excellent and so were our seats, and we couldn't have asked for better weather. However, the highlight was the Prentice Tailgate. This family parties Southern style, and Uncle Johnny's homemade boudin and other fixins were as excellent as ever. While traveling, we also stopped at Ruth's Chris and Lea's. It was a good eats weekend.

Exhibit C: Wedding Wine Tasting

One of the final tasks before LJ's wedding is to make sure guests are served the best wine for a certain price. So, Friday night LJ and Marcus hosted a wedding wine tasting. Six of us sat around tasting and sipping and somehow came to a unanimous decision. However, with the bottles clearly labeled in front of us there was no way to authenticate the vote unless someone blind tasted. Per my suggestion, the group voted to blindfold me. That wasn't exactly how I saw things working out, but the blindfold test confirmed the wine a true winner.

I'm sure in the next two weeks many more good times are to come. Hopefully I'll blog about it in a more timely fashion. 


Anonymous said...

AHhaahahahah! I love love love that picture of you and Ty! Nothing but the best (for under $11/bottle) for my wedding guests. Thanks for helping with all of that!