Friday, February 12, 2010

A Warm Family Welcome

They say when you get married that you're not only marrying the person you love but also their family. And in some cases, while people love their spouse-to-be, they struggle to feel the love for those people they haven't chosen, such as the in-laws. I knew I landed a catch in Ty, and it didn't take me long to figure out his family was quite the catch, too.

I've always had a good relationship with his family. We get together for lunch with his parents regularly. We visit and text. We love to hang out with Justin and Mandy and Ruby Belle when they're in town. It's always been comfortable to be around them and feel like you're a part of the group.

So, this morning the front desk calls me to tell me I have a package. I go downstairs, look around and don't see any packages. So, I ask and the reception points to this:

Considering I just got an engagement ring two days ago, I wasn't really expecting a Valentine's Day gift from Ty. So, I open the card to read this wonderful message:

"Congratulations and welcome to the family! Love, Butch, Margaret, Justin and Mandy"

My in-laws to-be sent me flowers ... this could be the sweetest thing ever!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Magical Engagement Snow

I know it may seem a little self righteous to think that all this snow is for me and Ty, but I'm going to allow myself to have that thought. Consider the factors:

1. You only get engaged once in your life. (Well, for the most part this is true.) For us, that one night was last night!

2. In Louisiana, it only snows once a year. That snow happens to be falling right now!

When those two circumstances combine, you get Magical Engagement Snow. What other logical explanation is there? I hope this doesn't mean it's going to rain on our wedding day. Snowflakes are a form of condensation I can get behind. Rain drops on our wedding day ... not so magical.

Anyway, here's the big news (if you haven't figured it out) ... WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!