Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Latest News and Newest Shoes

The News
Monday afternoon, Ty and I took a short day trip to Clinton, MS, to have our engagement pictures taken. I'm sure many of you are thinking much like my dad, "You couldn't find a photographer here to do that?" And, truthfully, my answer was no. And it's a long, drawn out, boring story that none of you really want to hear. So, yes, we went to Clinton to take our engagement pictures.

The photographer's name is Robby Followell, and I think his work is spectacular. We had a lot of fun spending the afternoon exploring Clinton and Jackson and taking pictures. Ty was a natural ... handsome as ever, and on the other hand, it took some time for me to loosen up. I think they turned out great, and I'll share them when we get them in.

After getting home and passing out Monday night, we were both a little groggy yesterday. But my sweet friend and bridesmaid, Lauren Smith, knew exactly what we needed. Last night, Lauren delivered her precious baby boy, Gunner Ross. He's a handsome one, too. With a head full of hair just like his daddy. Ty took Jonathan (that's the dad) to grab some fast food, and I sat with Lauren and got to witness Gunner's first poopie diaper. That's was the first time I thought poo was really, really cute!!

The Shoes
I think most people left our engagement party Saturday with much to discuss. One topic being the shoes on my feet. Mine were gold, but look at these babies:

Lauren has the same shoes, and offered to let me borrow them, but I couldn't allow myself to go there. After all, I probably would never have given them back. And friendships can end over shoes like these.

It's a lethal dose of high heel. The entire evening I explained to our guests that these shoes were, in fact, very comfortable. Thank goodness none of our guest saw my feet when I took them off. Exchange my toes for five little stuffed sausages and you get the picture. They're still worth each and every swollen little sausage toe.


Lindsey said...

Awwwwww! congrats to Lauren and Jonathan!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

I'm not sure if I guilted you into posting, but I'm glad you did. Love your blog. Congrats again to you & Ty! ... And that baby is really cute. =)

Stephanie Netherton said...

Meryl, the guilt did me in!! I'm glad I can keep up with you here! Claudia is precious ... I'm loving her long eyelashes!!