Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Weekend Backyard Bash

Ty and I have gotten very used to busy weekends. Not that we mind. After sitting around the house for one day, we're both eager to get moving again. To the contrary, it seems that we're always on the move and very rarely get even one lazy day a week.

This weekend, we hosted the annual T&A party at our new house, which we moved into about three months ago. The babies and moms swam in the pool, while the rest of us just sat around and ate, ate, ate. The cooking and cleaning started early in the morning. I made a trip to Akins to pick up a few plants for the yard, and Ty started heating up the smoker around 8 a.m. By 4 p.m., the house was ready for guests and the huge pit of barbecue was ready to be devoured. Check this thing out:

We borrowed the smoker/trailer. Please don't judge me by thinking this thing sits in my driveway all the time. Although, my future husband would probably love that! And after tasting his brisket, I might actually go for it. Kudos to the guys, the food was delish!

My responsibilities mostly fell under the realm of indoors -- meaning making this amazing Blackberry Sangria. We got the recipe from Carrabba's ... it helps that Ty knows EVERYONE. He's got all the pull!  

We added wedges of fresh fruit to the sangria for this beautiful presentation. Thanks to LJ for getting me the drink dispenser off my bridal registry for my birthday. It comes in handy when were providing refreshment for the masses.

Outdoors, the party was going strong. For those of us who weren't swimming, it was pretty hot outside. So Ty set up a few fans to make us all a little more comfortable.

Baxter included. He's actually quite the fan hog. You can't blame a man who likes a little wind blowing in his beard.

In other news, this weekend was also a big deal for my future in-laws who run COSST (City of Shreveport Swim Team). After watching this news clip on the Damon McCoy Invitational, I hope they never see me swim! They will be greatly disappointed in my efforts!


Catherine said...

Bax looks so handsome with his summer cut!!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Summer cut, aka. the biannual buzz! The poor guy never gets haircuts now that we don't live on Ontario anymore!!

Hope things are going well over there and that Riley has adjusted to life without Baxter bothering her!

Lindsey said...

Looks like a great time. I LOVE that drink dispenser...I have been wanting it from Red Door for ages!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Hey Lindsey, you can also get identical drink dispensers at Lancaster House ... and probably for a little less. But they're not bad at Red Door either.