Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Men and a Little Brisket

The brisket Ty cooked on Saturday has thrown our lives into a full-on, meat-eating frenzy! What are we to you people, nothing more than a piece of meat?

Yesterday after work, I came home and changed clothes to walk with LJ. We walked for about an hour in the blazing heat, and by the time I strolled back up to my house, I was literally a hot mess. Clothes wet, body tired, mouth thirsty. I walked across the front yard, looked in the dinning room window and saw my future in-laws sitting down for some brisket. As they enjoyed Ty's delicious brisket, I visited with them from a safe and non-smelly distance, guzzled down some water and ran to the back to change clothes. There was no time for a shower because after Butch and Margaret left the house, we had more brisket business to tend to.

Around 8 p.m., we drove over to the Smiths house to deliver some brisket to Lauren and Jonathan. When you have a baby that's only days old, you take the home-cooked meals where you can get them. This was the second batch of brisket and potato salad we'd delivered to the Smiths in two days. Like I said, it's pretty good eats.

Around 9:30 p.m., another request came in for some brisket. Jonathan Andrews, our music/youth leader at church, wanted to pay us for more brisket. At this point, we were happy just to give the stuff away ... leftovers are only so tasty after three or four meals. So, we drove a few streets over to the Andrews house and dropped off the last of the brisket.

I must say, it's good to be brisket free. What will we do with all of our spare time now that we're not brisket running anymore? Thank goodness most of our friends live in close proximity. That makes dealing brisket a little easier.