Friday, June 11, 2010

We're Goin' to Jackson ... Go Comb Your Hair

A few months ago we learned that our good friends, Adam and Kristen Blancher, would be moving to Jackson. This was bittersweet for many reasons:

  • We really like the Blachers.
  • They bring a lot of talent to the church band - Kristen on vocals, Adam on guitar. 
  • We will miss them and Thomas dearly.
  • Jackson is several hours away.
  • They're always up for Tacomania, where Kristen first introduced me to the Queso Asada Billy. I knew our friendship would be long standing. We had cheese in common.
  • We laugh a lot when we all hang out. 
  • So on and so forth.  
  • They were some of the first people to sit in our gigantic master bathtub (fully clothed) to help us estimate if it was large enough to sub as a hot tub. And it is. 
  • When they return, we'll be able to call Adam "doctor" and get free therapy.
  • Adam will be done with schooling and they'll never leave us again.
The deal has since sweetened (at least for us) since the original announcement. Kristen will be staying in Shreveport, while Adam moves to Jackson for a year. With Adam's departure date approaching, we all wanted to send him off knowing that we won't be the same while he's gone.

So, tomorrow we're throwing our second annual T&A (Ty and Adam, you pervs) party. Tonight, Ty and I will go to Sam's and buy brisket, sausage and some other meats for about 50 of our closest friends. Tomorrow, I'll trim the hedges, clean the house and make an early morning trip to Akins. Ty will tidy up the pool area, lift all the heavy things that I can't and fire up the grill. Adam will help Ty and then go inside and watch the World Cup at 1 p.m. And Kristen and Thomas will swim because she's pregnant with her second, and I just can't put a pregnant woman to work. By the time the party starts, everything should be nice and pristine ... and we'll try to distract everyone from the garden area we're currently digging up in exchange for a plot of grass (I'll show you pictures of this later).