Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What the Crape?

When we moved into our house a few months ago, we were big fans of the gigantic tree living in our backyard. It provided shade for the house and the patio area where we hang out most when we're outdoors. We were in love with all its shady goodness. That was until it started blooming.

Ty speculated soon after we moved in that the tree was a crape myrtle. I didn't believe him because of the tree's freakish size. Have you guys ever seen a crape myrtle this big?

I soon realized Ty was right when it started snowing little white blooms in our backyard and this started happening to our pool.

Fallen blooms EVERYWHERE. And don't think we've been lazy about cleaning. This is what we come home to everyday, and clean out everyday, just to do it again the very next day. How are we supposed to get anything else done around the house when we're always skimming out crape myrtle blooms? The never ending frustration!!

So now the ultimate dilemma: Do we give up our shade tree in exchange for a clean pool? By the end of the summer and a few hundred more skimmings, I think the answer will be crystal clear. ... much like our pool will be next suummer.  


Ashley said...

First, LOVE your house. I should actually repent of my envy. Second, I say leave the tree be. I am no botanist but I think cm's only bloom for about a month. But then again, I am not the one cleaning the pool. But I am glad to see that your awesome house has at least one flaw. Dang that envy!!!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Ohhhh ... there are several things I could show you to illustrate that our house in not quite perfect! Would you like to see the pink and brown calla lily wallpaper in the laundry room? Or the wallpapered ceilings and light fixtures in the kitchen? The previous owners had a real wallpapering problem!

Anonymous said...

I'll bring Marcus' saw and we can get to work. Just say the word! Skimming is for the birds!

misti said...

My parents have the same problem with their crape myrtles littering their pool!

Stephanie, when you get your new house (I'm guessing it's new) just how you like it, you should post a picture tour of it on your blog! I love anything to do with houses, decorating, remodeling, etc. I'm an hgtv whore.

Ashley said...


Stephanie Netherton said...

Misti, that's a great idea! We're attacking the remodeling/decorating process one room at a time, so I'll blog about it as the project goes along!

LJ, you're very good at skimming. Would you like to move into the mother-in-law suite and become our pool supervisor? That's a really prestigious title!