Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Indication That We are Not Ready for Children

Our guest room has been blocked off from Ty for several weeks now because my wedding dress is hanging on the closet door inside the room. Ty doesn't want to know what even my shoes look like, so I must shield his eyes from my dress until the big day.

I don't really go into the guest room very often either, but Sunday night I was on the hunt for a heating pad for Ty's back (wake surfing injury), and I was pretty sure it was in the guest room. As I swung open the door, I was greeted by the most unfriendly fragrance my nostrils have ever encountered.

So, what's the first thing you do when you smell something really bad? ... You ask someone else to come smell it, too.

Ty poked his nose in the room and said, "I think something has died in the walls or under the house." 

"What do we have to do to get rid of that smell? It smells like our house is rotting from the inside out."

"Check and see if you see anything."

At this moment, I absolutely hated the fact that Ty could not enter our guest room. Under normal circumstances I would never be the one assigned to seek out something so gross. But after a quick investigation, I stumbled upon the culprit. Not a rat in the wall. Or a decaying horse underneath the house (It definitely smelled bad enough to be a decaying horse, although I'm not certain how it would have gotten under the house).

Weeks before we'd had a pool party at our house with lots of children and lots of diapers, and one diaper found its way into our guest bathroom wastebasket and sat there, ripening, for several weeks.

Now that I know what diapers are capable of, I'm not sure I'm ready for babies of my own.


melissa said...

Oh Dear!

Elle said...

That was kind of rude for a guest to leave a nasty diaper in the trash. Usually when my friends with babies come over, they ask for a zip lock bag or a plastic bag to wrap their kids' dirty diaper, then they bring it home with them to discard. It was also rude for them not to tell you that they left it there.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Elle, when my friends try to pack up dirty diapers and take them home with them, I refuse to let that happen. There's no sense in them taking packing up a dirty diaper when I have the trash man comes to my house each week, too.

And there were lots of people at our house that day. I'm sure my friend didn't realize that the diaper would go undiscovered.

Anyway, I wasn't trying to say my friends were rude. I was just saying that diapers can get very, very stinky.

Elle said...

You're right. I'm just being too dramatic over something small. But I'm an over reactor... so forgive me. I'm sure your friends are sweet people - I should have not judged.

Mandy S said...

wow! :) gotta love stinky diapers! i had to think, but i know i never left a stinky diaper at your house...except in the trash in the kitchen!