Friday, July 23, 2010

Sean O'Connery

This past Saturday, Ty and I had a couples shower at the home of my parents' friends, Leon and Gayle Miletello. Gayle throws fabulous parties, and I was honored that she wanted to throw us one. Would you believe that in Gayle's dining room there is a closet devoted to all of her serving and entertaining pieces? I'm adding that to my list of home renovation dreams. I have a closet just off the kitchen, but it locks from the inside so it's my panic room. We also keep the liquor in this closet because if I'm in my panic room, I'm certain that I would rather be surrounded by booze than silver, pewter and crystal.

Anyway, the shower was fun. We got lots of really nice things. Ty got a gun from his parents and a blower from my parents ... this was a very miscellaneous shower. We also received an engraved silver marriage certificate holder from Ty's parents, which one of my friends referred to as a vibrator. Like I said, the shower was a lot of fun ... and at this specific moment, mildly inappropriate. 

Following the shower, we ended up meeting my brother and sister-in-law at Vintage for a nightcap, and ran into this guy:

I don't know his real name, but for years our group of friends have called him Sean O'Connery for obvious reasons. Maybe not so obvious in this picture, but when he's not smiling he looks like a tiny version of Sean Connery. The thing about Sean O'Connery is this ... he's everywhere. Last week, we saw him three times. How is that possible? How is he everywhere we go?

Turns out, people tell him all the time that he looks like Sean Connery. And it turns out that he's a twin, which explains to some degree why we see him everywhere.

SIDENOTE: In this picture I'm wearing, for the first time, one of those onesie romper things and I loved it. It felt strange at first, but embrace the adult onesie! So cute! Definitely wearing this to dinner one night on our honeymoon.


Ashley Netherton said...

Bond.. James Bond.. fun night!! All around!! side note.. why do i look so oily in this picture.. I apprciate you telling me i needed powder..

Stephanie Netherton said...

My bad. It's so super dark in there, blame in on the iPhone 4 mega flash!

Lindsey said...

those rompers look SO COMFY! Was it hard going to the bathroom?

Stephanie Netherton said...

Lindsey, the ONE time I went all night wasn't too bad. I have amazing bladder control, not that it's anything to brag about.