Thursday, August 12, 2010

In One Month, I'll Be Here

When I get overly stressed out about minor wedding details like toasting flutes, wedding favors, my hair piece and place cards, I go here. I let the soothing sound of running water wash over me, I take a few breaths and remind myself that I'll soon be spending a week here with my husband ... and no one cares what my toasting flutes look like anyway.

This is where Ty and I will be honeymooning for a week. There are about 40 rooms at Zoetry, so the resort is private and personal and gorgeous!

With wedding stuff and a busy work schedule, I can't wait for a full week on the gorgeous west coast beaches of Mexico, delicious beverages, gourmet food and some one-on-one time with Ty.

Can we go now?


Anonymous said...

That place looks amazing! I'm officially ready for my second honeymoon!! I can't believe that y'all will be there in one month as hubby and wifey. It's about time! :)

Elle said...


P.S. I <3 your engagement photos. Well done!

Marcus said...

Can we come... haha!

Stephanie Netherton said...

LJ and Marcus, I wouldn't mind if you guys came. We probably would never see you anyway with all your activites like swimming with the sharks, helicopter tours and whatnot!