Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Quickly Life Progresses

Last night, LJ and I grabbed some wine and dinner at Tokyo and waited on Ty to finish with band practice at the church and join us. We were chatting about how the wedding is just 10 days away when LJ reminded me of a conversation we had a long time ago at that exact same place.

Years and years ago, LJ and I were eating at Tokyo when I told her that Ty and I were going to give a relationship a shot. Ty and I had been friends for over a year, and she couldn't hide her excitement, or the fact that she thought it was about time.

Now, here I am, 10 days out from saying "I do" to the guy I was so excited to tell my friend about. Crazy. Where does the time go?

In addition, Ty's sister, Mandy, sent us this video of Ruby Belle yesterday. She'll be turning one soon, and we'd just heard a few days before receiving this video that RB had begun pulling up by herself.

When did she get big enough to do that? If she would have let me know she was going to be able to walk, she could have been our flower girl.

It amazes me how quickly life can completely change!


melissa said...

10 days? I guess I need to work on finding a dress!
I can't to see you look beautiful on your wedding day!

misti said...

Stephanie, I just caught up on your last several posts and just wanted to tell you that I seriously cracked up at your bachelorette party pictures. I had a very similar experience. Shots and penis paraphernalia and all.

I also know what you mean about desensitizing. I listened to our wedding music nonstop so I wouldn't do the ugly cry down the aisle. Although it turned out to be such a blur that I barely shed a tear! However, when my dad and I got to the front of the aisle, I looked up and really focused, and I saw not only Alan, but most of his groomsmen crying...Michael Eddy included.

What a bunch of pansies! Haha :)

Enjoy your day! I hope it is wonderful, beautiful, all those -ful words!

Best wishes and all that jazz :)

Mandy S said...

awww!! thanks for the fun story and thanks for sharing RB's walking!!! she's a pro now!! and she can't wait to see her aunt Stephanie!!