Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Five Favorite Things About Mexico

Ty and I had a fabulous time in Cabo, and we learned two valuable lessons:

1. Never wear orange when you have a sunburn. It's not going to be your most flattering shot despite the gorgeous scenery.

2. No matter how good it sounds, or how badly you're craving it, or the fact that you've dieted your ass off dreaming of this day ... never eat a hamburger in Mexico. It made me violently ill and resulted in my husband of three days having to hold my hair back, and the resort staff having to take a taxi to the pharmacy to get me medicine. Stick with the local specialties: seafood. ... nachos. ... tacos. ... the end.

However, despite a few life lessons along the way. There were several things I enjoyed while honeymooning in Mexico. Allow me to highlight my top five favorites:

1. The Nachos We Ate Everyday. On our honeymoon, we considered this a lunch appetizer. Homemade chips, authentic Mexican cheese, tender sliced beef -- all delicious, but these key elements are only secondary to the most delicious component on the plate. Holy Frijoles! These were the best refried beans I'd ever eaten. That's not really saying much, but I swear they were amazing. I even ate them with breakfast. I should never have admitted that.  

2. Breakfast Pina Coladas. This picture is slightly out of focus due to a technical camera issue and not because I had too many of the best pina coladas in the world. But I feel the deliciousness still translates through the blur. This was No. 4 in the order of our day.

1.Wake Up.
2. Put on Swimsuit.
3. Eat Breakfast.
4. Pina Colodas.

Ty and I had a discussion on whether or not the drink was spiced with a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg. ... And then we looked at each other and realized we were officially boring and married.

3. Releasing Baby Sea Turtles. No worries, this is not another one of my favorite menu items. These are fresh hatched, fit-in-the-palm-of-your-hand baby sea turtles. You are a savage if you don't think these are the cutest things ever! It's sea turtle season in Mexico and sea turtle eggs are poached and sold as a delicacy. So, our resort takes the eggs and buries them so they can hatch and then lets guests release them into the ocean. We selfishly thought about bringing one home for the swimming pool. 

4. Mexican Independence Day. We were startled from our sleep one night by these fireworks. My original thought was a drug war shoot-out had erupted on the beach. But I was relieved and confused to see it was fireworks. Why fireworks? Well, it happened to be Mexico's 200th year of independence. I thought that was Cinco de Mayo? And Ty and I both really wished that Marcus was there to explain the difference to us. He loves the History Channel.

5. Seeing the Arch. The only time we left behind the nachos and pina coladas at our resort was to see the Arch and to snorkel. How amazing is this scenery! The Arch is definitely the must-see attraction in Cabo, and I'm glad Ty and I made it a point to go there. I'll tell you more about snorkeling soon.


melissa said...

Don't worry, I are refried beans for breakfast and lunch on our honeymoon. So good!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Congrats again to you and Ty! And great pictures. Makes me wish I were in Cabo right now.