Friday, November 19, 2010

My Husband the Socialite

My husband and I are not exactly keyed into the society scene in our local community. When we had to go to the 40 Under 40 event last year, I believe it physically pained him to attend. There's a lot of mixing and mingling, small talking, and business card trading. Neither of us are good small talkers. But he suited up and went to it for me, and I love him for that.

So, yesterday when Ty's mom called to say his picture was in the "On the Scene" section of the latest edition of The Forum, we were both very confused. Where could he have been hanging out that would be classified as "the scene?"

The Delta Waterfowl Banquet. Strange, but true.

Can you find him? He's the most tan and the most handsome on this page (Sorry Matt, Kenny and Lane, but it's true. And sorry to readers for being mildly mushy). However, one thing alarms me about this picture.

It seems that every time Ty's picture ends up in one of these publications, he's not wearing an undershirt. I'm a big fan of undershirts, too. Gah lee.

I explained several months ago to my friend Jenny that when Ty's not wearing an undershirt, you better watch out. No undershirt = bad day. Undershirt = good day. Now, when Jenny sees Ty and he's not wearing an undershirt, she knows to say, "Ty, are you having a bad day?"

It's a theory that has proven true until I saw this picture. No undershirt and he's smiling? What does this mean?


sga said...

Clearly Ty has consulted Alpha Male Image Consulting. I predict hoop earrings next.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Where do you find these videos?! This guy clearly hasn't consulted a female's opinion on the subject either.

Never trust a man wearing hoop earrings. Or earrings at all.

Anonymous said...

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