Friday, December 10, 2010

Truly Mystic Pizza

For years, Smitty's Pizza has beckoned to me from the four lanes of Mansfield Road. There's something about it, although it's nothing fancy to look at. I've always imagined that Smitty's has a really old pizza oven, a secret family recipe and the end result is a pizza that will simply blow your mind.  

My brother and sister-in-law ate there several weeks ago for the first time and said it did not disappoint. This made my craving insatiable to the point where something needed to be done. I had all but started to call my husband Smitty, and I would never want my love to think I was having relations with some guy who works in the manufacturing plant where I work.

Last night, we met Chris and Ashley at Smitty's to celebrate Ashley's birthday. I was expecting great pizza, but what I got was far greater. This was a complete throwback to my childhood, circa 1985. We're talking wood paneling, a fireplace, an LSU salad bar, a half-lit Christmas tree and a Mrs. PacMan/Galactic table video game. A-mazing!

I was ready to wipe the floor with Chris during a one-on-one game of Mrs. Pac Man. But, as fate would have it, both players play from the same side of the table and Chris was forced to watch me play in agony. And upside down.  

Cozy huh? The flat screen mounted above the fireplace was set on the Military Channel, so no one really got to talk to Ty all evening. He wished we had that channel at our house, and I said a quick prayer of thanks that we did not. It's bad enough that the Science Channel was just included in our cable package.  

Ashley poured us some drafties served in cold mugs. I think draft beer is my favorite. Is that trashy of me? I know the classy folks like bottles.

Look at these cheese sticks. Holy heaven on earth! That ramekin of marinara, sitting unassumingly in the background, letting the cheese sticks take all the credit, is the best marinara to ever hit these lips.

Chris and Ashley ordered the Smitty's Special (their version of a supreme). Ty and I ordered pepperoni, and I added green olives to my half. This makes Ty gag, and I realize it may have the same effect on you, but my obsession with green olives can not be helped or interfered with. This pizza was a little too crispy, so Smitty's brought out this one and made us another. While I waited on the new pizza, I ate all the olives off this one. It was worth the extra puffiness I feel today.

Chris was so excited about the recent discovery of Smitty's that he began talking to the cashier about franchising. We all bought Smitty's T-shirts and went home with full bellies. Today, my lunch consists of rolled up turkey and raw broccoli, but my thoughts and appetite will forever be with Smitty's.


Ashley Netherton said...

I'm so glad that I was able to perfect that draft beer pour, before the night was over, except for that one damn glass, then I pour beer allover the table! I believe a great time was had by all! Maybe we could start venturing out and trying new places more often!!Thanks for going to celebrate the week of my birth!

Mandy S said...

must go there!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Fun! It's always neat to find a little place like that. The pizza almost had a Johnny's look to it.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Mandy, I'm not buying it ... do you want to go because I mentioned the salad bar? I don't know if I've ever seen you eat pizza!

Meryl, Ty said it's like Johnny's used to be. The pizza tastes different. It's not as sweet, but it's still very, very good. I would be interested to hear about what you guys are eating over there, besides those gigantic pieces of bread!

Mandy S said...

um, yes, the salad bar was inticing, but baby #2 has plans for pizza on a regular basis :) like lunch the last 2 days!

Stephanie Jordan said...

If that's the case, then me and baby number 2 are going to get along just fine!

We may have to swap: I eat the salad bar and you eat the pizza. I wanted to starve myself after I saw the family Christmas card. I don't think it helped that I was standing closer to the camera than everyone else, but I look HUGE compared to you guys!