Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interesting Things I've Seen Lately

Well, I'm officially back from Disney Hell. I arrived at my hotel late Sunday night and immediately called Ty once I got to my room to tell him that I'd seen the ugly face of tourism. ... jacked up prices (Disney "magic" = highway robbery), pirate ship restaurants, twice-daily alligator feedings. Not exactly my scene. I've conceded that when I have children I will do all of these things and probably love it. But when I'm at a trade show, selling ... of all things ... prison cells, I'm not in the mood.

With that being said, it's good to be home.

My trip was wrapped in interesting sightings. From the time I left my office Friday to the time I dropped my bags at home ... oh, what these eyes have seen.

I know no one wants to say it ... it's the elephant in the room on the road?

It's not everyday you're "behind" (har har) an elephant's rear on Youree Drive. There was political messaging hanging on the side, but I quickly passed, fearing the conversation I would have with my insurance company if the elephant smashed into me. How could I possibly explain a single car/elephant collision?

I felt a lot better once the elephant was in my rear view. But really, when you have an elephant tailing you, can you really feel at ease? It's the closest I've come to experiencing an African safari.

As I stood around waiting to board my flight from Orlando to Atlanta, I saw someone who looked very familiar. I thought maybe I was crazy because no one else around me even reacted to his presence. Then I saw a Sharpie fall out of his pocket, and I knew he was in fact the person I had assumed him to be.

Can you guess?

I'll give you a hint. My brother guessed correctly right off the bat, but his second guess was Jerry Springer. This is not Jerry Springer.

Second hint, with fall upon us, we're all about to see much more of this guy.


Catherine said...

Slew holthz!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Say it, don't spray it, Catherine!! Haha ... so funny!

Ashley Netherton said...

Can you please tell us what your brothers other guesses were ??
Also... I'm sad I didnt get to see that elephant... I never am able to get my camera phone out fast enough! maybe we should invite something else.. like an in car camera- I hear that they're all the rage in police cars...

Stephanie Jordan said...

His third guess was profane ... probably shouldn't share it here. But it was really, really funny!

We should invent a car camera. I didn't exactly feel safe trying to take these pics.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Sweet Lou! Stephanie, you have no idea. I love that precious little man and his crazy jibber jabber commentary and pep talks. I hope you didn't play it cool and not get the autograph.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Meryl, I would have been unashamed and acted like a crazy person ... but of course, I had ticketing problems and was standing in line to resolve that. I was a only few feet away, but it may as well have been a continent.