Monday, March 12, 2012

When All Else Fails ... Etsy!

We've had several trying weeks of nursery/home prep for Baby Tilly. We've stripped wallpaper, had the sub floor repaired in our office, picked out and ordered carpet, called more painters than we care to mention ... and most of the time they don't call back.

I could have had a meltdown by now. Is this the correct situation to pull out the "I'm Irrational and Pregnant" Card? I don't want to think about sub floor, paint, texture or carpet for another second. I just want to decorate! The idea of nesting is not to rip apart your home, but to make it a safe, cozy haven for the little one. But right now, we've got to lay all the ground work before the fun nesting can begin.

In the midst of our home repair hell (I literally have plywood floors in my office as we speak), I have had glimmers of decorating fun, thanks to Etsy. After spending Friday afternoon tracking down painters without reply, it was stupid how excited I got over an e-mail from Mint Home saying, "Your dresser is ready!"

This beautiful gem is on her way to me!

I think the piece turned out more wonderful than the first item I spotted from Mint Home.

Here's the original:

I think keeping the original hardware made my dresser even more spectacular.

This dresser makes me feel like I'm getting something accomplished. Before Mint Home contacted me about this dresser, I'd tooled around with the idea of refinishing a piece myself. I started investigating green paint swatches and quickly decided to leave this one up to the pros. Green is tricky!

However (side note), I have refinished a headboard for the upstairs guest room and will share that with you soon!

I can't wait to get the carpet and walls finished so I can begin piecing Tilly's room together. I picked out some fun, funky fabric for her crib bedding, but I'm waiting to see the dresser in person before I settle on it, for sure! And there's not a drop of pink in sight.

I've been taking progress pictures of our construction zone and promise to share once the projects are completed. But for now, it's too sad to only share the "before" without the "after."


Anonymous said...

Have you found painters? I just had my house painted and I would highly recommend them.

Stephanie Jordan said...

We were able to secure a painter last night! I was so happy, I could have kissed the guy!

Thanks for offering to help!