Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lake Bistineau Rib Cookoff

For the past two years, Ty and I have attended the Lake Bistineau Rib Cookoff. You've never seen people so passionate about ribs! People spend the day at their camps, preparing their entries, and then gather at the hosting camp for judging and awards.

This year, Ty's boss hosted the rib cookoff at his camp, so Ty spent the week prior creating something special for the event.

What you see Ty proudly eyeballing to his left is his frozen drink machine. I don't know how it works. I don't know why he was compelled to build this contraption. But I know my husband can accomplish great and curious things when he puts his mind to it.

Before the rib judging began, I got to spend time with two of my favorite little girls, Molly and Lila. They stripped down to their Pampers and went for a dip in the pool. There's no need for a swimsuit when you're hanging with friends at the lake.

I'm going to warn you. There are some seriously cute pictures to come.

Lila says, "Come on in, the water feels great!"

I had to leave the sweet babies to get down to official rib business. I was solicited to be a judge for this year's contest. I didn't tell anyone that I wasn't really much of a fan of ribs, but I did tell most of the people who entered where I was registered and that my opinion could be swayed by baby gear.

The crowd gathered and the judging began. Each team's ribs were judged on appearance, texture and taste, and to my surprise they were all distinctly different. Some were traditional, some were saucy, some were sweet, some were ... this is turning into a Dr. Seuss rhyme.

There I am in the bottom right corner, diligently focused on judging. I've also decided this will be about the only picture you see of me pregnant. I know, I look great for 30 weeks. The back of my head has hardly changed at all.

Also, may I point out, that I didn't know so many people would be watching me eat ... watching me eat ribs nonetheless ... while I'm big and pregnant.

These were Bertel and Walt's ribs, although I didn't know it at the time. When the boss' wife tells you to vote for her ribs, you rank them high, if you know what's good for you. Fortunately, David and Bertel love Ty like their second son, which eased my worries about my husband becoming suddenly unemployed if these ribs didn't win. Talk about pressure!

After much deliberation, the winners were announced with a newcomer, PhilipThompson, taking first place. Jeff Clark (right) attempted to bribe me with $7 and a pint of Gentleman Jack. Diapers or wipes may have led to better rankings for Jeff.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying delicious ribs, an abundance of sides and some good company.

Molly just wished her friend Tilly was there to play, too. It soon became apparent that my friendship just wouldn't do.

Definitely, next year, Molly!


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Very impressed with Ty's contraption. Seems like he is always creating something. I remember being very impressed by (and a little afraid of) his potato gun as a kid. Tilly will surely have the coolest swing set when the time comes.