Friday, May 11, 2012

Recently ... In Pictures

So much has been happening lately, I'm lucky to stay on top of things. And it's miraculous if I end up with a picture to document. But here are a few pictures I managed to capture in recent weeks, all via iPhone. I'm really going to have to work on getting a camera before Tilly arrives!

This is where Ashley and I stayed when we visited our cousin Casey in Arkansas. ... if only! I did find it enlightening all the strange things you see when you travel through the Natural State. I didn't know motel honeymoon suites still existed, but I'm certain there is a heart shaped spa jacuzzi behind door number 28.

Another interesting fun fact: We traveled through Delight, Ark., and read on the town sign that it was the home of Glen Campbell.

I asked Ashley, "What's the big deal with Glen Campbell? She's just a lady who used to be on the news in Shreveport."

Ashley roared with laughter, "That's GWEN Campbell. GLEN Campbell is the guy who sang "Rhinestone Cowboy.""

Thanks for clearing that up, Ashley. It makes more sense now.

Have you ever seen a schnauzer that likes the water? I take that back, loves the water?

I don't know if I've ever seen such a thing. But this is what happens roughly 10 seconds after we let Baxter into the backyard. He hops on the first step of the pool and dips his beard into the cool waters. Then he looks like a raggedy, wet rat until his hair dries out. And even once he's dry, he's nothing spectacular.

Baxter used to hate the water until Ty and I went out of town for the weekend, leaving my then 19-year-old brother in charge of our house and pets. We came home to reports of poolside beer pyramids and a schnauzer who wouldn't stay out of the pool. My brother is no Cesar Millan. If I had to guess, it looked more like waterboarding, but Baxter managed to overcome his fear of the water.

Do you think a mini schnauzer would make good hunting dog?

Here Baxter is again. Supervising my paint job on a dresser for Tilly's room. With those heavy eyebrows, I'm not sure he can even see, so it's easy to slip sloppy work past him. However, I am proud to report that B has had a haircut. His love for the pool has forced us to buzz him down for the summer months.

I knew I wanted a Jenny Lind crib for Tilly's room, so when my mother-in-law Margaret found this one at a garage sale for next to nothing, I jumped on it.

Let me just say, painting one of these is not an easy task. With all the notches, you would have to take a week off work to sand it down. Ty and I took the easy route. We primed it really well with some Kiltz premium primer and then used a paint sprayer to apply the new color. 

Even using a sprayer, this was quite the undertaking for Ty. You have to spray from every possible angle to get it evenly covered. And it takes several coats. He finished it up last Saturday with a spraying of clear coat, and we moved it into her room.

I think it turned out so sweet! I can't wait to have her bedding ready and put it all together. Above the crib, we hung a series of six Shel Silversteen poems.

That's Mirabelle the Bunny hanging out in the crib, waiting on Tilly's arrival. She was a gift from our friend Knox. He's courting her already!

Moving the crib into her room made the nursery feel very, very real. Up until now, it just felt like decorating. Pretty soon there will be a baby sleeping in this crib! That's going to be the sweetest thing of all!

More room pics to come very soon.


Laura said...

I LOVE the color of that crib and dresser! So perfect! Tilly is going to be very impressed at her mother's decorating skillz. :)

Ashley Netherton said...

OH! the honeymooner suite! I sure wish I could remember the name of that place!! I do know where I'm getting my hair done soon, "the Bobby Pin".... Can you afford to vote with the Tea party ? or are you on an Independent Budget ??

Stephanie Jordan said...

She will probably hate the fabric store by the time she's 10. I can't wait!!

Ashley, we weren't going to mention those Arkansas political views! You can't really give someone much credit when they paint their messaging on plywood.

Mandy S said...

where is that sweet suite?! how did y'all find that place! there are actually "real" hotels in Arkansas...I PROMISE!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Oh, Stephanie, well done on the crib! It looks perfect. Can't wait to see how the rest of the nursery turns out. Tilly is a lucky little lady.

Lauren said...

It is so pretty! I love the crib, it's so sweet. Can't wait to see it all come together.