Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tilly's Baptism

Ty and I decided before the craziness of the holidays, we'd like to go ahead and have Tilly baptised. It was such a special day for us. No matter your religion or how you go about things ... dedication, sprinkles, full immersion ... to me, and for the sake of this blog, that's just details. For all parents, the moment symbolizes the same thing. Me and Ty, our families and our church family are vowing to raise Tilly in the Christian faith, to be an example to her of how Christ calls us to live and to teach her about God until she is of the age to be confirmed in her faith and accept him as her Savior. Whew, that's a lot of responsibility!

For the first part of the service, Ty and I made our vows to Tilly. As we were preparing for this day, I wanted to get a christening gown for Tilly to wear. I didn't know of a family gown, so I thought we would start a tradition with Tilly's gown. Ty's mom, Margaret, surprised me with something so special! She had saved the gown Ty's great aunt Helen made for Margaret's baptism, and Ty's sister, Mandy, was also baptised in the gown. It is a gorgeous, delicate linen gown that dates back roughly 60 years. I love that Tilly got to wear it and will be able to pass it on to her own children one day.

Next came the water. Let me just say, Brenda St. Andre sets up for our service each week and she is heaven sent. For each baby's baptism, she has the water warm so the reaction is more soothed than shocked. Tilly stuck her tongue out for most of her baptism, but aside from that and a few whimpers, she did great.

Following the baptism, JoAnn carried Tilly down the center aisle as the congregation sang a sweet lullaby to her called, "God Claims You." I've never managed to make it through a single baptism without getting teary eyed. The song says,

Tilly Ann, God claims you
God helps you, protects you, 
and loves you, too. 
We this day do all agree, 
A child of God you'll always be.
Tilly Ann, God claims you, 
God helps you, protects you, 
and loves you, too.

After the song and an inevitable room full of teary eyes, the church prays collectively for Tilly and makes their vows to her. We are so blessed to attend a church filled with young families. After all, it takes a village!

Following the service, we had several friends and family members over for lunch.

I find any occasion worthy of cake pops and cookies from Alyson Foreman at Aly B's Bakery. She did precious pink, sparkly cross cookies and circular white monogram cookies.

I put out a few special childhood mementos from mine and Ty's childhood, such as my first "real" jewelry that my parents gave me as a little girl, and Ty's thumb trophy that he was rewarded with when he stopped sucking his thumb.

I couldn't resist putting out Ty's scuffed up baby shoes, too.

We were so grateful to have the Taylors there to help us set up so everything would be ready as friends arrived for lunch. Doesn't Knox look like such a mini-Marcus? 

The Guletts also came over for lunch. Just a couple of weeks before Tilly's baptism, we got to take part in the baptism of their third child, Cooper. I cried at this service, too.

Of course, Aunt Mandy and Ruby Belle came over. Everyone says Tilly looks just like her cousin, Ruby Belle. I can accept that. RB is such a pretty little girl and is growing up so fast.

Tilly fell asleep soon after we got home, missing most of her party. Thanks to my aunt Robbie for changing her and putting her down for a nap. Once that was done, Ty was free to head things up at the kid's table. Other than being slightly too tall, this is where he belongs! Following lunch, the kids all filed into the backyard to pick limes off our lime tree and toss them in the pool. My favorite part was seeing Georgia Gulett (pictured above in the orange bow) kicking limes off the tree in her Sunday smocked dress. You gotta be rough and tumble to hang with the boys sometimes!

Our friend Kristen described watching your child's baptism as magical. It was nothing less than just that. I will never forget those special moments with our friends, family and church family. We are blessed to have such an amazing support system, people who love Tilly and are invested in raising her as a child of God.


Catherine said...

Well I got teary-eyed just reading about it!