Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Blessings

I ran into an old friend at a wedding this weekend who mentioned my blog. Oops. I told her there was no way to catch up on the past five months, so I most likely needed to start afresh. Really, there's no better time to do so than now.

There are so many exciting, wonderful things happening right now. My heart must be growing to hold all of this in. In June, my brother Chris and his wife, Ashley, are expecting a little girl ... Whitley Kay. We showered Ashley this weekend, and I loved seeing her experience the joy that comes with having a baby. To have friends and family show up for you and give so generously for your family is heartwarming. To imagine what Whitley will look like in each little outfit. To be hit with the reality that the car seat, stroller and bouncer will soon hold your most precious gift. Life becomes something so much richer. I simply cannot wait for her arrival.

In 14 months time, our Netherton family has been blessed with three little girls. Landry, Tilly and Whitley. I can't wait to see what life has in store for them. As part of Ashley's shower gift, I worked a little magic and had these t-shirts made. When we were younger, my family owned a construction company and all us "Netco" kids had these t-shirts, and we wore them constantly. How cute are our little girls going to be wearing these, too.

In addition to the great, big special occasions, we are have the best time with Tilly each day. She is changing so quickly and her personality emerges more each day. I'm so thankful that she's always such a happy, easy going little girl. 

{Wearing our sweet bubble made by Mrs. Lesa Caldwell. Such a sweet outfit on such a sweet girl.}

{Dressed and ready for church a few weeks ago. Look at that strawberry hair!}

{Walking in our first palm parade on Palm Sunday. She didn't quite understand why mom was so excited about waving a branch around.}

{Digging into her first Easter basket. She really went after it! I hope her Christmas pjs didn't cause too much confusion!}

 {Playing outside while Daddy washes Mommy's car}

{Hanging with some of our besties, Molly, Knox and Lila.}

{Knox and Tilly love to share just about everything. ... at least for now!}

{There's nothing sweeter than the relationship between a little girl and her Daddy. These two are thick as thieves, and I hope that never changes.}