Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Latest Nesting Project

Since finding out we were pregnant, I've felt a little more pressure to get my house in order. I've been ferociously tackling those house projects that have been swirling around in my mind. I figure once we find out the gender, all of my attention will shift to the nursery, so I better get the ball rolling on my other projects if I ever want to accomplish them.

I also decided I would relieve myself of some responsibilities and hire a housekeeper. This has truly changed my life. My baseboards now get cleaned! That's a first. 

I posted a few days ago about the updates we're making in our living room and our bedroom, but the dining room has seen the most dramatic changes recently. To think, it once looked like this.

Dark green walls with dark green ceilings and absolutely no personality. I take that back. It had personality, just not a very good one. We stripped the wallpaper and hired a painter who did some fantastic work. He had doubts about painting my ceiling orange, but became a believer in the end. Then came the new table, followed by slipcovered dining table chairs.

I wanted six chairs around the table, but since the table can comfortably seat 8, I wanted two additional chairs in the room that people could pull up to the table. I didn't have anything in mind until last fall when I saw our neighbors had thrown out three chairs and two of them were still in good condition.

I have no problem salvaging furniture from the curb, but from your neighbor's house? Is that too close for comfort? If they ever visit, will they be bothered to see their chairs in our house? We sat out in our front yard, keeping an eye on the goods, and when the coast was clear, we hauled them back to our house.

The fabric was less than desirable. A red and gold damask pattern that didn't go with the dining room. But fabric is easy to swap out and worth doing when the chairs are free!

Upholstery Guy Mitch did a fantastic job on these in just four days! He replaced the fabric and made some minor repairs, and they were good as new!

The next week, Mrs. Connie called to tell me my dining room curtain panels were ready. Ty and I finished hanging them last night, and they turned out beautifully. I don't know why, but it always surprises me how much curtains can warm up a space.

The room is completely different than when we began. It's elegant but still comfortable. With an orange ceiling, my biggest challenge was to make the room interesting without competing with the statement the ceiling makes.

I decided to go with a neutral, gold fabric on the panels in a fun pattern. And a different texture and pattern on the fabric for the extra two chairs. The ceiling, chairs and panels are all pulled together by the fabric on the dining table chairs.

At some point, I would like to add a rug. But right now I don't feel the room lacks because there isn't a rug. Our next step will be to hang artwork. Just this past weekend, Ty's mom gave us two pictures that Ty's grandmother painted. Mrs. Johnnie was an art teacher for years and both of the pictures are of places Ty used to go as a child. I love that they're so rich with meaning and will be in our family for years to come.

Next step ... the nursery. Just wait until you see this room!


Jenny Gulett said...

Oh I've seen it girl! And I'm not a fan. . .of LSU or of LSU themed rooms! Can't wait to see if the nursery is mostly pink or blue!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Oh yes, you got an insider look of my guest room. Yes, I'm not a fan of LSU rooms either. Or rooms that are decorated by grandchildren. My room currently happens to be both!

A little is going to go a long way!

Mandy S said...

I CANNOT wait to see the nursery!!! CAN.NOT. WAIT!!!

Lindsey said...

Is your upholstery guy expensive??? I want a headboard!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Lindsey, he's very reasonable. I will e-mail you his phone number. I know he could refinish a headboard for you, but I don't know if he could construct something brand new.