Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Ruby Belle is here!

This weekend we drove up to Fayetteville to meet this adorable little girl.

Everyone, meet Miss Ruby Belle Smith. I've seen a lot of pretty babies, but this one takes the cake. Perhaps, I'm slightly biased. She has perfectly olive-colored skin and the sweetest face that melts your heart. Ty and I loved every minute we had with her and her parents. Ruby, being only days old, spends most of her time sleeping. Even that is fun to watch. She chirps and smiles and twitches in her sleep and it's all too adorable.

It was a long drive and a short visit, but it was completely worth it just so Ty could do this:

I know Ty's going to be a great uncle! And even more so, I know Justin and Mandy are going to be super parents.


melissa said...

Such a pretty little girl!!

Mandy S said...

:) you're so sweet!!! i'm kinda biased myself, but she IS precious! ;) we were so glad y'all got to come, even though i know it was a long drive and a short visit! thanks for doing that! Ruby Belle and I (and Justin) can't wait to see y'all again!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Mandy, we wouldn't have missed it. In fact, we were a little upset we couldn't come up Wednesday! Although, that may have been a little overwhelming! Hope things are going well!