Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're RVing!

To think, I had become such a consistent blogger and now this. Sorry guys, I find that in my day there is rarely a spare minute. Today, you just so happen to be in luck because my feet hurt so I decided to sit down and eat lunch. So with a sandwich in one hand, I'll update you guys as to what's been going on in my life.

This past weekend, Ty and I traveled to Guy, Ark., for our friend Tuck's wedding. If you've heard of Guy, then you are a far more sophisticated traveler than myself. It's what some people reference as "the sticks." The wedding was set to take place between the barn and the shed in Megan's (the bride) backyard. A country wedding couldn't be more fitting for these two rodeo riders, however nearby accommodations means a 45 minute drive to "town." Instead of driving all the way back to town after the wedding, Ty and I opted to do this.

That's right, we spent the weekend in an RV! I know the pictures arent' the greatest, but my Blackberry was my only option once I discovered my camera battery was dead. We parked it in the pasture right next to Megan's house. So as I mentioned before, the wedding was casual, country style. Cowboy boots, a country band playing on a flatbed trailer and homemade preserves for guests to take with them after the reception. Ty, not so much of a cowboy, was a groomsman and uniformed in a black cowboy hat, white shirt, black jacket and Wranglers. I thought he looked like J.R. from "Dallas," but see for yourself.

We also decided to take Lacy, Ty's lab, with us on the trip. She loved most of the ride, but after a while you could tell she was road weary.

We're headed back to Arkansas this weekend (RV not included). Ty's sister, Mandy, who lives in Fayetteville, is having her baby today! We're so excited to meet Ty's little neice and I'm sure plenty of pictures will follow. We can't wait to meet you, Ruby Belle!


Catherine said...

You didn't tell me about the groomsmens' outfits! Yea, I'm not sure that the cowboy hat really suits Ty! I check Mandy's blog every so often when I read seems like just yesterday she was posting barely pregnant belly pics. How exciting!

melissa said...

Looks like lots of fun!