Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ty!

{I know I've posted this photo no less than four times, but it seems fitting for the day! And I just can't get enough of the sweet little boy!}

Today is my husband's 31st birthday. Happy birthday to Ty!

Last year, we had a big to-do for Ty's 30th, complete with adhesive mustaches, so this year he insisted on not doing much of anything. He told me he didn't want a fancy dinner and he didn't want a gift. So, naturally, I arranged to do both of those things!

We're going out this weekend for a nice dinner, but I wanted to do a few things today to let him know how special he is to me.

I woke up extra early this morning and whipped together some blueberry muffins and a pot of coffee for Ty. We are the kind of people who roll out of bed and go to work, so this took some effort on my part. Especially since I started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow about a week ago and each night I enter into some type of delicious REM coma. 

I poured Ty a cup of coffee and walked to the bedroom with his cup and a card that held two tickets to the upcoming Hank Williams Jr. concert. He may not want a gift, but I know he would never have the will power to turn those down!

It wasn't much, but it was a little something for the person I love more than anything. And really, it's the little somethings that count.

Interesting Birthday Factoid: We read in Ty's baby calendar this week that it wasn't until April 6 that Ty was actually named Ty. Butch and Margaret spent two days mulling over names and their favorites included Eric, Christopher and Lane. They landed on Ty just before the hospital sent them home. I can't imagine him with any of those names!