Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tilly's Nursery is Finished

After hanging curtains Sunday, I'm proud to announce that Tilly's nursery is ready and awaiting her arrival. Working on this room has been a nice way to pass time during pregnancy, but with four weeks to my due date, I'm so glad it's done.

This is what we started with:

And this is her room now:

It's hard to believe we're even looking at the same space! We've ripped up carpet, repainted walls and ceilings, installed crown molding, painted cribs and furniture, picked out fabric and other accessories. This room is ready for our sweet baby girl to come home!

It's hard to capture the whole room from one angle, but you may notice there's not much pink. I don't have a problem with pink, but I fell in love with these fun blue and green fabrics and the nursery blossomed from there.

I love how her crib bedding turned out. It's somewhat non-traditional and funky, but looks so sweet and girlie with the light blue crib. Ty did a fantastic job painting it!

The curtains were the last thing we added. The fabric is soft and delicate and doesn't take the focus away from the bold bedding. Tilly's monogrammed baby shoes could be my favorite thing ever!

There are a few other special touches that I love, too.

This was Ty's dad's hospital bracelet from when he was born. I had no idea this is what hospital bracelets used to look like!? Or that they were sealed together by a lead pellet! Ty's mom gave this to me several months ago, and I had it framed because I thought it was such a sweet keepsake ... even though the last name is misspelled! Did you notice that? I wonder if they would even let you take your baby home now days without a full-on investigation if this happened.

Aunt Ashley and I spent last Friday night making this wreath for the hospital door. We used fabric I had leftover from her room and a wood monogram Ashley had made for Tilly's shower. I love the little pop of pink in the middle of all the blue and green fabrics!

Only one thing is missing, and I imagine the stork will be delivering her to us very soon.


melissa said...

love it! Love the colors!!!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Beautiful nursery! I love all the small touches, especially that bracelet! Can't wait to see pics of the little lady next.

Lauren said...

Yea! It's gorgeous! I'm sure Tilly will have no trouble making it her new home! Can't wait to meet that baby girl!

Ashley Claunch said...

Looks perfect! I really like the colors. Can't wait to see pictures of Tilly!

Diana & Orie said...

gorgeous! y'all are so crafty and have such great taste! all the best to you both!

misti said...

Love it! So much personality! If a room can have a personality :)

I remember finishing Ella's room a few weeks before she got here, and I would find myself sitting in the rocker just daydreaming about holding her.

JW said...

This looks so good and I REALLY love the fabric for the skirt of the crib. Great job!

Mandy S said...

Beautiful room for a sweet, beautiful girl!!! Can't wait to meet my sweet little niece!!

Ashley Netherton said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I adore all of the special touches everywhere! I can not wait until my sweet niece is here!! xoxo

Lauren said...

It is so pretty! I love the crib and the colors. I am soooo happy you posted the pictures. I can't wait to see Tilly!