Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Months and a Baby

I'm back!

You'd all but given up on me, I'm sure.

Let me start by saying, this time off has been wonderful. I have fallen madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love with my little girl. I will be unable to recap the past three months for you, but I'll do my best to give you a synopsis.

Tilly Ann was born Aug. 7 at 2:04 p.m. After three days of contractions that would progress to the point of getting ready to grab my hospital bag and then they would suddenly stop, I called Dr. Tynes and said, "Let's do this." We went in at 5 a.m. that morning, they induced me and things went well and quickly all day and then there was Tilly. It sounds far more simple than it actually was!

{This was taken right when we got to the hospital. You can't tell, but I was a nervous wreck!}
There were a few delivery room debacles. The nurse telling Ty to call Dr. Tynes because we were ready for her to come deliver, like immediately, and Ty dialing the wrong number! The anesthesiologist getting ready to administer my epidural and accidentally cutting himself on the glass vile. Thankfully, he is one of our good friends, and we can now harass him about this to no relief.

After Tilly's birth, we spent the first hour alone, just the three of us. The hospital plays a sweet lullaby over the hospital's speakers to announce the arrival of a new baby. It was music to my ears! 

I wouldn't trade these moments for the world, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off the Netherton and Jordan families for much longer. Our room was full of family and friends to celebrate. People sent flowers, cookie cakes, clothes. ... and good thing on the clothes. As much preparation as I had done, I wasn't ready for a six pound baby. None of the clothes fit, so we needed some preemies. Tilly was completely healthy, just one day shy of her due date, but small.

{I'm amazed at the amount of stuff we acquired at the hospital}

{Our precious cargo couldn't hold her little head up for the car ride home}

Now for the fun part -- coming home! I've loved, loved, loved becoming a mom. Trying to figure out bath time, nap time, sleep schedules, breast feeding -- those are stripes I've earned in the past few months.

I love Tilly's sweet cuddles, her smiles and giggles. It's the most rewarding job that not even the stinkiest diaper can phase me!

I love seeing her experience new things and grow and change. A newborn will make you realize how quickly life moves. Someone told me the other day at church that Tilly changes every time he sees her. It's so exciting, but makes me a little sad, too. It's going by too fast. I want to hit pause and hang out here a little longer!

But, life doesn't afford us a pause button, so I'm doing my best to savor each moment. The frequency of my blog may suffer, but I'm a little wrapped up at the moment.

Now, I'm about to do the crazy mom thing and show you a million pictures from the past few months.

{Tilly getting some sun and napping in Ty's lap}

{Bundled up after our first bath like a cute burrito}

{Tilly and I going for our first stroll through the neighborhood. I never realized how many pot holes and uneven sidewalks there are in South Highlands until now!}

{It was never difficult to tell if Tilly was satisfied after eating.}

{Tilly and Knox meet for the first time. We laid them in Tilly's crib and they both started sucking on Tilly's hand. We were just happy to see them share. They are six weeks apart, but LJ and I were highly amused at the size difference.}

{This is one of Tilly's first documented smiles. She would often smile in her sleep, but this was one moment that she melted my heart.}

 {Two-month shots are the devil. I'm still not sure who cried more, me or her. But there's nothing better than sleeping on Daddy's chest when you don't feel good.}

 {Tilly loves hanging out with her cousins Beckett and Ruby Belle. A few weeks ago, we were together with some of our other friends and their children. RB was quick to tell the other girls, "No, that's my Tilly."}

 {Tilly and Knox decided to coordinate Halloween costumes this year. It was great for this one photo, but Knox was sweating in his monkey costume and Tilly pooped in her banana, so that was short lived.}

{You gotta start 'em young around here. Tilly decided to show her Tiger spirit for our walk on a recent game day morning.}

{This is just about the best feeling in the world. I love cuddling with this sweet girl.}


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Beautiful, beautiful moments! She is really adorable, Stephanie. I didn't realize she was so tiny. What a little angel. I can't tell who she looks like yet... Ty maybe? Congrats again. So happy for y'all.

Lesa said...

Oh good, you're still there. A once-a-quarter blog is not bad. Loved the pics and if you think you posted a lot you've not visited the Keatchie Country Club in a while. Be shameless when it comes to Tilly pics...I love 'em.

melissa said...

Love all the pictures! She is just beautiful!
Being a Mommy is the best thing in the world!

Lauren said...

Glad you're back! I've missed your blog! :)