Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm no Natalie Gulbis

I went to the golf course Saturday morning with very low expectations. When you haven't played in more than a year, you can't expect to come out even par. So, I put no pressure on myself and no pressure on the game. I was there just to have fun. 

That was a good idea. Between the howling wind and my uncorrectable slice off the tee, it wasn't going to be the prettiest round I've ever played. There were some nice shots throughout the day, but more than anything, I enjoyed the beautiful warm weather and time with friends. 

Our foursome included, my usual golf partner, LJ, and our boyfriends Ty and Marcus. Even LJ, the most competitive girl I know, said she was only there to have fun. She couldn't expect much of the game since she traded in her golf time for marathon training. 

In addition to the already long list of differences between men and women, our round of golf proved one more. No matter how long it had been since the guys had played, they were there to compete. With each bad shot, the frustration seemed instinctual. 

The score I posted would be an embarrassment to my family. I come from a long line of tournament winners, and in my case, it's too bad those skills aren't inherited. There may not be any golf trophies in my future, but I'll continue to casually play the game. For no other reason than simply loving it. The way I see it, who cares if you're good as long as you're having fun.