Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Second Time Around the Block

After last night's New Kids on the Block concert, one thing is certain. We have all grown up. We're now old enough to flash the guys, toss our undies on the stage and fall down drunk out of our floor seats. 

I witnessed all of these things at the concert last night. It was shocking to say the least. One minute you're scanning the room and the next minute you're blinded by a woman's bare breasts on the row behind you. I was tempted to check my ticket to make sure I was at the right show. I remember the New Kids with sugary sweet affection. The kind of puppy love where you lay in bed and fall asleep looking at the poster on your ceiling and wondering what Joey's hair smells like. That's innocent enough, right? 

Well, 15 years of pent up puppy love looks more like an unchained pit bull. Donnie even had to tell one woman to "pull her shirt down." I've seen bigger crowds at a Mudbugs game, but size doesn't matter. This group was small, but eager. A perfect example, the girl in front of us was dancing in her chair and decided to do a trust fall into my arms. Seriously, her heel must have gotten stuck because she fell like timber. 

I never expected a Tuesday night concert with New Kids on the Block to be so wild. I enjoyed every minute of watching the guys sing and dance — even the part where Jordan ripped open his shirt and danced with a fan blowing on him (I laughed a lot at this). 

It brought back so many great memories, and considering the circumstances, I bet my dad would have enjoyed this concert with me more than the one we attended in 1990 at Independence Stadium. He would be so proud. I didn't pass out this time — or flash the band. 


Anonymous said...

By fan do you mean actual fan like ceiling fan, or crazy panty-throwing girl fan? I would have laughed at either. The second would be more disturbing though. Doesn't he have children?

Stephanie Netherton said...

Of the panty throwing variety. I'm pretty sure most of them have children and are married. However, none of them wore wedding rings. I found that a little slimy. If you're married then you should be wearing a wedding band. We're big girls, we can handle it.