Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony ... Ever

After 13 seasons — and probably 13 breakups — why are people still watching "The Bachelor"? The show doesn't have the greatest track record. Only two of the 13 couples are still together — one after a short breakup and the other with a domestic abuse record. Apparently, this isn't the way to really meet your soulmate. But people still watch with their hearts, pick and choose favorites and somehow are surprised when the breakup is announced three months later on the cover of US Weekly.  

From what I hear, last night the bachelor didn't even wait until the show's end to ditch the girl he'd chosen in the final ceremony — all because he couldn't get the other girl off his mind. In the real world, we call this cheating. That's miserable enough on its own. Why would anyone enjoy watching a so-called "good guy" do this to other women? 

But, I'd like to put you "Bachelor" fans to the test with a game of Name that Bachelor. We're going to skip the bachlorettes. Since everyone seems to be such a big fan, I want to know if you guys can actually remember all their names — no cheating (for the first time in "Bachelor" history) and here goes!

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12
Season 13
If you think this is easy breezy, name the woman awarded final roses. 


Emily Goodin said...

ok, i am very eager to see if i can remember all of their names, as i've never missed an episode. i agree with you that the show is dumb, it's basically an uppity flavor of love at this point bc you know the couple is not going to make it. anyway, here goes:

1. alex michel; amanda

2. aaron buerge; helene

3. andrew firestone; jen schefft

4. bob guiney; estella

5. jesse palmer; ??

6. byron velvick; mary

7. charlie o'connell; sarah brice (shreveport represent!!)

8. no idea; no idea

9. the prince borghese guy; no idea

10. andy, aka the ugliest bachelor ever; tessa?

11. guy from texas who chose neither girl, one of which was deanna

12. british guy; shayne lamas

13. jason mesnick; chose melissa, but, oops, really loved molly

ok i think i did pretty well on your quiz--i am going to have to check myself on wikipedia later.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Emily, I already did the heavy lifting for you. OK, here's the official list.

1. Alex Michael and Amanda Marsh
2. Aaron Buerge and Helene Eksterowicz
3. Andrew Firestone and Jen Schefft
4. Bob Guiney and Estella Gardinier
5. Jesse Palmer and Jessica Bowlin
6. Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado
7. Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice
8. Travis Stork and Sarah Stone
9. Lorenzo Borghese and Jennifer Wilson
10. Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst
11. Brad Womack and himself
12. Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas
13. Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft, nevermind Molly Malone

I have decided I think No. 8 is the cutest bachelor. He's such a Hottie McHotterson!

Emily Goodin said...

Noooo--no. 8 was such a d-bag! No. 12 has been the hottest, hands-down.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Whatever! No. 12 was such a dork!! You're letting the accent sway you.