Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying new things

I love sushi. I could eat it for every single meal, but I've learned a thing or two from Jeremy Piven. Too much raw fish is bad for you and bad press. I used to eat sushi about three times a week, but now days, I'm do most of my eating with a red-meat loving man. Unless one of my girlfriends is craving sushi, I don't get the chance to eat it very often. 

However, I can get Ty to go to a Japanese restaurant. Hibachi is the magic word — with the promise of sizzling hot steak. One night, while out to dinner with friends at Tokyo, our group ordered a variety of sushi to split, and we actually convinced Ty to give it a shot. I didn't think the Rainbow Roll would fare well with Ty. It's on the fishy tasting end of sushi. It gets its "Rainbow" name from the colorful pieces of raw yellowtail, tuna and salmon on top of each roll. I don't consider this the best way to become acquainted with sushi. The slimy stuff is something you have to work up your taste buds for. It was a quick beginning and end to Ty's sushi adventure.

Fortunately for me, Ty's house is near a local sushi place. Practically around the clock, it smells like fried rice in his backyard. It's rather fantastic, to be honest, however Ty had never been to the restaurant. The aroma of fried rice finally caused him to cave. We went to the restaurant. I ordered sushi and he ordered hibachi, and I intentionally picked something I knew he would like. 

When the rolls arrived, I said, "You should really try this. Everything is cooked. Nothing slimy." He eyed it, smelled it and, to my surprise, he tried it and liked it. 

We went back to the sushi restaurant two nights ago. I couldn't believe it, but Ty passed on hibachi for sushi. We ordered three different types of rolls and as we were eating, Ty said, "I'm addicted to the way this tastes." I'd be lying if I told you it wasn't satisfying to reply, "I told you so." 

We can discover new, satisfying things when we expand our horizons. I've introduced Ty to something he never thought he'd like, and he's done the same for me. Who knew June Carter Cash and Emmylou Harris were so good? Well, until recently, everyone but me.


Emily Goodin said...

If you are ever in Baton Rouge, you will have to get in touch with me because there are some AWESOME sushi places here!

Stephanie Netherton said...

Emily, I will! I've been to Baton Rouge a lot, but I've never eaten sushi. Mostly because no one serves sushi at a tailgate!