Monday, February 16, 2009

'The Shack'

Several weeks ago, the associate pastor at our church gave my boyfriend, Ty, a book to read called "The Shack." Warren, the pastor, had a spare copy on him and thought Ty would enjoy reading it. Everyone at Noel has been talking about this book, which peaked my curiosity. 

Ty's been reading through a C.S. Lewis book, which is mind-boggling enough on its own. While he's trying to read "The Weight of Glory," I'm typically sitting next to him reading something like "Shoe Addicts Anonymous." Every few pages, Ty will pass his book to me and ask, "What does that word mean?" I'll read the sentence, pass the book back to him and usually say, "I have no idea. I think he's making these words up as he goes." 

So, since Ty hasn't started reading "The Shack" yet, I decided I would read it to see what the buzz was all about. The first few chapters were OK, simply setting the stage for what was to come. However, I got to the meat of the story last night. I crawled in bed and decided to read a chapter before going to sleep. Before I knew it, I was crying. Not just a single tear either. We're talking full-on waterworks. I was happy to be reading alone, otherwise I would have embarrassed myself when I put the book down and wiped my eyes. 

The main character in the story suffers a great loss and is beckoned by God to face his pain, loss and suffering head-on. I've never experienced a loss like what is described in the story. But with the pain I have experienced, I've always found healing and strength through faith. 

I'm sure that's what brought on the tears. I wasn't sad to read about the bad times. I was happy to be reminded about the good times that come when you have a little faith.  


Patrick said...

That is actually the book I just started reading on my Amazon Kindle. I am only on the first few chapters, so no waterworks yet. But I plan to read it on the team bus, so I hope I don't start crying! The guys would LOVE that.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Chapter 4 and 5 is where the waterworks can be found. Just try to get through those chapters before you get on the team bus!