Monday, February 9, 2009

A few things you may not know

These surveys are a common occurrence on networking sites like Myspace and Facebook. This list of 25 things is the most major one I've seen lately. The goal is to list 25 things about yourself that most people may not know. I tried to be as random as possible — but 25 things is tough. 

Since this blog is intended to be a place where you guys can get to know me, I wanted to share my list. The 25 most random things (at least that I could think of and be willing to share) about me. Make your own list. It helped me to remember some things swirling around in the recesses of my mind. 
  1. I'm a pretty good cook,  but sometimes the simplest things confuse me, like baking a potato. 
  2. I'm allergic to everything: beer, wine, cheese, grass, ragweed, dogs, cats, etc. However, I rarely avoid any of those things except cats. 
  3. I can play the guitar at a very basic level — G, C, D — enough chords to write really bad country music. 
  4. I've never made a hole-in-one even though I've played golf most of my life. 
  5. I spent three months in New York City. It was the best summer, but I haven't been back since. 
  6. About five years ago, I had my tonsils removed after my doctor said I'd become a "strep carrier."
  7. I've never been on a rollercoaster and never plan to try one out. 
  8. I'll eat just about anything, but I hate ketchup. 
  9. I love to clean because it's the best time to clear my head. 
  10. I always have two things in the back of my car: golf spikes and a sinus headset for lazer-guided surgery. 
  11. For two years, I worked from 3 p.m. to midnight and cried nearly every night after I got off work. It was miserable. 
  12. Heidi Hausmann taught me how to open a bar tab. I'd never gone out to a bar in college so I had no idea. 
  13. I didn't wear a two-piece swimsuit until my sophomore year of college. I was overly modest. 
  14. I am an editor, but I don't like to edit. 
  15. I have plica band syndrome in my knees. 
  16. I consider Ty Jordan the best guy I know. 
  17. I want to write a book one day. Maybe when I have more time and more words. 
  18. I look forward to being a mom one day — dance recitals, sack lunches, homework time, etc. — sign me up!
  19. My parents are some of my best friends. 
  20. I love it when my younger brother hugs me just because he knows it makes me happy. 
  21. I think my dog understands me completely when I talk to him. 
  22. I went on a trip to the beach with all my girlfriends a few years ago. It was the best time we've had together. 
  23. I totaled my first car on a parked car in my parents' driveway. Nothing is impossible. 
  24. I was grounded for two months during my senior year of high school for not emptying my dirty clothes. 
  25. I've been to yearbook camp. Twice. 


Anonymous said...

#16 - DANG!! he's a good guy...but that's awesome that you think he's the best! i'm kinda partial, but he's right up there in my book!

Stephanie Netherton said...

well things wouldn't be quite right if I didn't think he was The Best! Really though, I would consider myself partial as well. He comes from a good lot.