Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A serious case of the Mondays

Do you have those days where your head seems to be misplaced? Sure, it's right there where you left it, on your shoulders and between your ears, but for whatever reason it's not processing quite as quickly as it should. 

This sums up my Monday. 

The night before, Ty and I were hanging out at the house, and I clearly remember telling him, "You know what? I'm really looking forward to going to work tomorrow." I'd been out sick for most of Thursday and all of Friday. So by Sunday, I was ready to be up and running again. I typically avoid grand statements similar to the one I made Sunday night because they often end up being the kiss of death. As my good sense was telling me, I should have kept my mouth shut that night.

Monday morning was smooth sailing. Rain was forecast, and I actually remembered my umbrella. The last time it rained, I had to use a Christmas tree skirt to cover my head. Our morning meeting went well. I was checking off my to-do list left and right. Uber-productive.

I can't say the same for my afternoon. I needed to make turkey roll-ups (our smart snack for March) to be photographed that afternoon. I went to the grocery story to grab a bell pepper and some turkey for the recipe. I went home, put the stuff in the fridge and ate lunch. I made it all the way back to the office before I realized, "Crap. I didn't make the snack." 

So, I wheeled around my SUV and went straight back to my house. This time remembering to make the snack. I packed up the snack and re-returned to the office. By the time I'd reached SB, the sky had opened and the downpour had begun. I rolled up my slacks — not wanting to get the hem wet — and  balanced the snack, some paperwork and a bottle of water in my hands. I flung my car door open, popped open my umbrella and nudged the car door shut behind me. 

The next moments played out in slow motion. As the door swung shut, I noticed my keys were still in the driver's seat. "Noooo," I said, reaching with my elbow to stop the door. "Well, crap." It didn't work, and yes, that makes two "crap" moments within the hour.

Defeated, I trudged down the steps to the office wondering where I'd left my head that day. I wrangled a few fingers loose to pull on the door. Locked. Seriously. This door is never locked in the middle of the day. I knocked as loudly as I could with my arm, and thank God for Caroline Leone. She rushed to the door to find me — pants rolled up, legs wet and keyless. 

The story does have a happy ending. Fortunately, I know where my spare car key is kept. My roommate was home to locate it and my boyfriend was in the neighborhood and could pick it up. The debacle ended rather smoothly, but don't believe for a second that I had anything to do with it. 

Monday, 1. Stephanie, o.