Friday, February 20, 2009

The color of my hair rainbow

While my friend LJ and I were walking the other night, she sought out my advice on hair color. The girl is almost 27 and she's never put a drop of hair dye on her scalp. A true purist. 

Extreme hair coloring can be a bit icky, but I think subtle modifications can look sophisticated, frame your face and make your features pop. At least that was my sales pitch to LJ. 

I'm not a color purist. I don't want to cut my hair, so my only way to switch things up is through my color. I've dabbled in all socially-acceptable colors from blond to red to brown to the chocolaty color on top of my head now. In doing some research, I pulled some pictures from the past few years. My hair-color changes didn't seem so obvious at the time, but when you put all the pictures together, it's quite extreme. Don't you think?

I think blond — at least that blond — was a mistake. I'm starting to think the darker the better. Who knew hair color could make you feel so sassy? I'm going to tell that to LJ, too.  


Kate Warren said...

Hi there!!!!! Long time no blog! I love that dark reddish tone that you have in the Pink Party pic! Miss you.

Stephanie Netherton said...

The red is my second favorite. I prefer the most recent color? You guys should have had a blond intervention with me.

Kate Warren said...

Blond was in at the time. I mean everyone was blond. I think.