Friday, July 16, 2010

Catching up with Sarah

(This picture was taken this past winter. Sara, from Baton Rouge, and Sarah, from Savannah, were in town for Conor's "viewing.")

It only happens once or maybe twice a year, but I love it when my friend Sarah comes in town. Sarah was one of my best friends in high school, my first roommate in college, and she remains one of those people that I pick right back up with when we're together.

Sarah and her baby, Conor, were in town this week. Sarah's husband, Devin, had to stay in Savannah because he's teaching summer courses at SCAD where he's a professor. I consider Devin to be somewhat of a design genius, so it's good that he's passing on his gift even though it means no visit to Shreveport.

Sarah and Conor came over to the house Wednesday night to visit. We gave them the house tour, cooked dinner and sat around the table visiting until 10 that evening. Sarah's dad, Alan (I love him dearly), came to pick up Conor so Sarah could stay longer.

It's great to be around an old friend who knows you through and through. Sarah and I pretty much grew up together, and I don't have that sort of history with many people. We told old stories that Ty had never heard. Surprisingly, the wedding is still on!

I'm glad Sarah's going to be in our wedding. I'm glad to have a friend that doesn't hesitate to say "yes" to being a bridesmaid despite all the travel and difficult logistics involved. I'm glad to have a friend who's literally "going the distance" to be here for our wedding. This is how I know without a doubt that Sarah and I will be great friends for years and years to come despite whatever obstacles.


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Sarah! Love me some Sarah. Very sweet post. Glad y'all had fun. I didn't realize she and Devin were in Savannah. So far!

Sara said...

i'll pretend i was there, since i made the pic :)