Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Was Home, Then I Left, Now I'm Home Again

When you've been married 11 days and only home for three days, the last thing you really want to do is leave town again. Especially when it's for work. But duty called, and so I packed for a four night business trip to Houston, which I ended up cutting down to three nights because I missed my husband so much and couldn't stay away.

There are several things I could recap from the last three weeks of my life, but I feel there are six important things that should be mentioned. 

Casey. LJ. Ashley. Sarah. Mandy. Lauren.

This was where all the fun began with my best girl friends. Sarah had just flown in town from Savannah. Mandy and Casey had come down from north Arkansas. So we all got together at a bed and breakfast off Fairfield for a bridemaid's luncheon. We drank out of tiny coffee cups and tried to talk like ladies for at least an hour or so, unsuccessfully. But the best part was that these girls kept me laughing all weekend. While Jennifer, the hairstylist, was fixing us up, she listened to our silly conversations and made a comment about what a great group of girls friends I had. The photographer said the very same thing. 

These six girls all knew each other on some level, but you would have thought they'd been friends for ages. It was effortless and I'm thrilled we all had so much fun together.  

They were gorgeous in their bridesmaids dresses. I think they may have shown me up. But as well as I know all of them, they have a way of surprising me. Like at the reception when they snuck into the kitchen and cut their dresses off to their knees.

It's one of my favorite memories we made that day. One that I'll cherish forever. And it explains perfectly why these girls are my very best friends.


melissa said...

LOVE the bridesmaid dresses! Wish I could have seen it all together!

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

Love those dresses!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Brides always tell their bridesmaids that they can cut their dresses off and wear them again. But most brides, they don't intend for that to happen at the reception. They were cute short, too!