Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Funny Texts From Home

I've been in Orlando for three nights now. One more night, and I'll be heading home. And although I've been very busy since arriving, I miss being a part of all the things going on at home. Thankfully, several people do their best to keep me in the loop, and I do my best to return the favor.

These are the shoes I wore yesterday. They were given to me a few years back by LJ, so I thought she would appreciate seeing that I still wear them. I took this picture from a bathroom stall and felt very awkward when my camera phone made that picture capture sound. I thought I should announce to everyone that I was just taking a picture of my shoes. Then a man walked out of the stall next to me and it made my picture taking blunder seem minor. He literally ran out of the women's restroom in embarrassment. I would have thought more of him if he washed his hands.

Nancy sent me this picture last night with the message that I should beware when I leave town because my "Hubby's cattin' around with younger girls." I told her that she better watch him for me. He'll be babysitting behind my back before I know it. Which might be a good thing since Nancy will be having twin girls sometime this week!

Then, right before I got in bed to go to sleep, I got this picture from my sister-in-law Ashley saying "a very sad night ends with me wearing a finger condom." Out of fear that she'd lost a digit ... or a hand (I couldn't really tell in the picture what was going on), I called to make sure everything was OK. Ashley cut the tip off her finger making french fries with her mandoline slicer. I knew all was well when she told me they ate dinner before seeking medical attention.

After dinner, my brother purchased enough first aid supplies to treat a small military regime (see picture above).

The pictures have done a great job of keeping me company while I'm away, but I'm excited to be home and witness things first hand. Especially the arrival of Walt and Nancy's twin girls!