Thursday, March 17, 2011

Several Thoughts for Thursday

I have lots of things to share with you today. Lots of things I've been holding in. Lots of things that can't sustain a single post. Lots of things I've just got to get out.

1. We've been hearing for weeks, and from multiple people, that Ty has a look alike/sound alike on "American Idol." To satisfy our curiosity, we watched the show. We watched six contestants sing and never saw Ty's doppelganger until the recap at the end of the episode. We'd missed the guy, which really sucked because we both loathe "American Idol." Do you think this guy looks like Ty?

{Here's Ty. Handsome devil.}

{Here's the doppelganger, Paul McDonald.}

I see the resemblance, but think my husband is far more yummy to my tummy.

 2. For three days, our painter has stood us up. Huge sigh. Ty talked to him yesterday and he said he would be coming over today with several helpers and have the job finished by next Wednesday. I will be out of town for most of this time, so I'm just hoping I come home Thursday to a completed dining room.

3. For most of next week, I'll be at a trade show in Orlando. Ty and I were discussing scheduling last night and he remarked, "Looks like there's going to be lots of pizza in my future." I felt halfway sorry for him, and halfway pleased that he was so lost without me. Someone please take my husband to dinner early next week. I have a vision of coming home to stacks of empty pizza boxes and leftover pizza crust between my sofa cushions!

4. I went for a walk early yesterday evening with my favorite Jenny. We walked for about an hour, talking about furniture, houses, home decor, church, kiddos ... and then we ran into the Buteau Family. I got to hold sweet Briggs Buteau for a little bit. He played with my hands, fiddled with my watch and looked up to give me this adorable, handsome smile. I melted a little bit. Sweet babies like this are working wonders on me (a woman terrified of motherhood. I may share more on this later). I feel my resistance wearing away. BUT, not anytime soon for all you pregnancy pushers!!

(Revision: I have to submit this update because I originally wrote that I was holding Brown Buteau, when I was actually holding Briggs. See below why this is very confusing!! I can only tell them apart by their hair ... and even then I'm still a little confused!)

5. I stumbled across my old blog yesterday. It spans from 2006 to 2008 and recaps some fun times in my life. I was working as the entertainment editor for The Times back then, so there's a lot of music stuff on there. But there are also little tidbits woven in about my life at that time. I'll admit, my writing leaves something to be desired and that embarrasses me since I was writing for a living. But overall, I was amazed to look back at my life, compare it to my life now and see the ground work God was laying. Ty was first mentioned on January 14, 2008. We were just friends at this point, going to play golf, completely unaware that we would be married in a little less than three years! It just goes to show you how life is continually evolving and we don't even realize it. Imagine the miracles we're witnessing today without even knowing it. Here are some pictures of my favorite moments:

 {Look at sweet, baby Baxter. He was just months old in this picture!}

 {Here's B about a year later. His beard has grown a lot since then!}

{One of my all-time favorite girl trips. About 10 of us went to the beach for Carrie Hart's bachelorette party. I will never forget the memories we made.}

{Here's LJ and I at Mardi Gras with her nephews, John Collier and Cayden. Look how little these guys are!!}

{This police officer was begging for me to go jujitsu on his ass. No really, this was a self defense class I took. I wish I could remember those moves they taught us.}

{This was only the beginning of my passionate and involved relationship with karaoke. I was in Vivian where no one knew me. There was an extra microphone. And it all evolved into me singing "Love Shack" like a rock star. Well, a Vivian rock star.}


melissa said...

Love those old pics!!

Jenny said...

I love the "edit!" I have a hard time keeping them straight, too! Sorry, I just had to tell you. I find the twin confusion hilarious.

Stephanie Jordan said...

We have some great old memories, Melissa! Crazy how things have changed when you think back on everything!

Jenny, I always appreciate the heads up! I have twin cousins in their late 30s that I STILL can't tell apart. I need everything monogrammed!!

Laura said...

Perhaps bearded Ty would look more like the American Idol guy? And oh my lord those twins are adorable!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Bearded Ty does look a lot more like the AI guy. Maybe that guy needs to shave his beard to be more like Ty ... once Ty shaves his beard.

Is your maternal clock ticking yet? Remember, we're coordinating our ovulation! If even possible.

Ashley Netherton said...

Ok, I just watched last nites American Idol, and i need to know who thinks my brother in law looks like that guy ?? he's such a spaz, it was hard to watch!!!!

I don't care which Buteau baby you were holding, they're both precious!!! and while we'r on the subject can you let me know when you & LJ start coordinating ? I need a lot of time to start stocking up on gifts for my future Jordan niece or nephew!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I agree on Ty's doppelganger. He's got a good voice but it was very hard to watch him move around awkwardly!

Don't worry, you have PLENTY of time until you have to worry about gifts for a niece or nephew!