Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Amazing Things About Ashley

Yesterday evening, my sister-in-law Ashley and I journeyed to Sam's Club to do some shopping for Ty's Treinta Fiesta.

Translation: Ty's 30th Birthday Party.

Literal Translation: Ty's 30 Party.

I take great offense to the butchering of the English language, but Spanish, not so much. I butchered Spanish regularly while earning credit hours to graduate with my liberal arts degree. It's what I do.

Back to Ashley, I love my sister-in-law. She was the wedding planner I couldn't afford. She's one of the few things my brother and I have in common (we both love her). She's one of my best friends and there's a gaping hole in my life if I don't speak with her everyday.

With that being said, I learned a few things about my girl during our shopping trip to Sam's that made me love her even more:
  1. She'll do anything for you. Just yesterday she placed an order on my behalf for a cookie cake, volunteered to make fruit skewers for the party and wanted to accompany me on a trip to Sam's.
  2. She makes friends everywhere. In the picture above, she realized the lady at the customer service counter was wearing a finger condom, too, and they became quick friends. Ashley left the counter with a new Sam's card, a lady calling her "sister" and then yelling after her that if she needed another "rubber" the lady had one. The third part was a little awkward. 
  3. She's an amazing shopper. We played the Guess-How-Much-This-Is-Going-To-Cost Game and she came within nine cents of the total! Is that even possible? Plus, if I'd gone surplus shopping without her, I probably would have ended up with enough shredded cheese to fill our swimming pool. She's the queen of estimating quantity, and I would have been lost without her.
I've got much love for Ashley. Or as the guy at Tacomania referred to her, my "bonita cuñada."

Translation: Pretty Sister-in Law.

See, she makes friends everywhere.


Ashley Netherton said...

Aww! Thanks Steph! That's a great blog!! It brought a tear to my eye... What can I say, I'm a doer! And I love to do things with and for my friends and family!! I can't wait for the fiesta!! I think it's going to be a caliente time!!
ps- I thouhgt he was talking about you being the bonita !!!???

Stephanie Jordan said...

That guy waits on me about once every two weeks and he's never so much as hinted at "bonita." He was talking about you!!

Thanks for making the fiesta a caliente time! Couldn't do it (or most things) without you!

Ashley Netherton said...

Maybe he, like my new sister at Sam's like my thumb condom.. only a guess....

Anonymous said...

I guess you will want to put a facebook icon to your website. Just bookmarked this site, but I must do this manually. Just my suggestion.

Marcus said...

That's a great picture! It looked like a mirror and I couldn't figure out how y'all did it. lol

Ashley Netherton said...

Marcus! You're crazy!! Did you notice my new friend's shirt?!? You and chris would've loved her!