Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Ty!

Today is Ty Grady's 30th birthday!

I would say that it's hard to believe he's 30, but we've been party planning for weeks and celebrating all weekend. Minus Friday night when Ty sliced his finger open and we had to go to Velocity Care and get seven stitches put in his thumb. That was less than celebratory.

His party Saturday night went off without a hitch, and I think everyone had a great time. I'll post more on that later, but today I just want to talk about my husband's special day.

Thirty is such a milestone. It's one of those marks in life that forces you to look around and evaluate everything so far and think about where you want to go from here. I can't speak for Ty, but as his wife, I'm so proud of the man he is. He's trustworthy, honest, patient, grounded, loving, funny, sensitive, thoughtful and a million other descriptors that make him such an amazing person.

Looking at the picture above, I wish I could have been there to see him shoveling that cake in his face and being an adorable, energetic little boy. My heart swells when I look at pictures like these. May our children take after him!!

But then I think about us now and how our relationship was born from friendship. How it took nearly a year of breaking down my defenses for our relationship to really start. How only Ty could have done that for me. How only he could have tolerated my nonsense. How he loved me, even back then, above himself.

And while part of me does look back and wish I could have been a witness to his life as that adorable, energetic little boy, a bigger part of me feels completely blessed to be here now, married to such an incredible guy and marching through this life together.

Thirty is a huge milestone, but for us, it's just the beginning! Happy birthday, Ty! As the birthday song goes, "and many more."


Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

How cute is that pic?! Happy b-day to Ty!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Meryl, it's one of my very favorite pictures of him! The way he's got his fist wrapped around that fork. The size of that bite of cake he's trying to fit into him mouth. Love every bit of it!