Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not So Empty Nest

{Day 1: Post Bird Rescue. You can see the birdies in the nest in the bottom of the picture.}

We have had a couple of very traumatic days in the Jordan household. First, I've been sick off and on since last Thursday. My stomach ain't been right, but I'm feeling better today. So that means you'll finally get my fish taco recipe in the next day or two.

Due to my stomach woes, I stayed home from work Monday. I spent the first part of the day in bed, and the second part of the day on the couch, and by about 4 p.m., I was going out of my mind in boredom and decided I could at least water the hibiscus by the front door. I filled up my watering pale (I'm your modern day Jill, I can fetch water without Jack's help. Girl power!), and walked out the front door. Of course, while on my front stoop, I had to check on my little blue egg.

There it was, on the edge of the nest, hanging on for dear life and fully appreciating how gingerly I've been closing the front door over the past several days. You're welcome, little egg! I was feeling like I'd done something good for the universe by looking after my little egg, so I set about watering the hibiscus.

Then I saw a bundle of feathers near the door mat. I thought it was a good sign that momma bird had been by to check on the egg, too. Then I saw the feathers move. Then I saw little yellow legs kicking. Then I realized it was a baby birdie breathing and struggling and fighting for its life. Then I thought the universe must hate me. I was so consumed with my egg that I didn't even know there was a living baby bird!

I freaked out for a minute or two. Then put down my watering pail and did the only thing that made sense ... I called Ty. He gave me two options:
  • Google how to save a bird.
  • Call Billy the Exterminator.
Considering I'd been home all day with a stomach bug, I didn't call Billy. I wasn't TV ready. Google would have to navigate me through the rescue. I did my research and went outside to check on the bird. And instead of one little birdie, there were two.

Freaking universe!

I couldn't handle it ... the little helpless babies ... Ty would be home soon and I would tell him what Google said we needed to do to save the birds (Turns out I'm not such a modern-day Jill. Jack comes in handy from time to time.).

I met Ty at the back door with a pair of latex gloves. He looked at me with mild concern and asked, "Is this what life is going to be like if you ever become a stay-at-home mom?"

"I didn't know that was going to be an option," I replied. I fear I've now ruined my chances of that ever happening.

I stood there in latex gloves while Ty picked up both the birdies, held them to warm their bodies and placed them back in their nest. I heard them chirping yesterday morning before I left the house, then I snapped the picture (above) yesterday evening to see if they were still in the nest. I didn't hear any chirping today, so I'll check back in on them tonight. After all this, I hope they survive despite Ty's regular reminders that a very low percentage of baby birds actually make it.

I feel like there is a bird soap opera being played out on my front door. Will the mother return? Will the children live? And what will come of the bad egg?

Stay tuned to .... "As the Wreath Turns"


melissa said...

wow. You are such the bird saint! I hope the birds are living. I will stay near my computer for an update.

Stephanie Jordan said...

No saint here! They're just so helpless ... anyone in my boat would do the same thing!

Mandy S said...

Oh, my! 1. I had no idea you weren't feeling well! I'm so sorry! 2. What a birdie saga?! You're a trooper! I would have freaked and not known what to do either!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Thanks, Mandy! It was coming and going in waves. You probably didn't know because I never felt bad when I was around you. Except for at the crawfish boil. Felt pretty bad there.

I REALLY won't know what to do if the birdies are dead. Other than get a new wreath for summer!