Friday, April 29, 2011

Duchess Stephanie Prudence Jordanton of Shreveportburgh

I didn't wake up in the wee hours this morning to watch the royal nuptials, but there are several things I loved about what I did see.

These two are actually very sweet together. There's nothing personal when billions of people are watching, but there were some great moments between the two. I loved that when she finally made it down the aisle, William told Kate she looked "stunning, babe."

I also loved when they got in the carriage that Kate looked at William and said, "I'm so happy." I love the dress and flowers and all, but that is the stuff of fairy tales.

Because there's nothing like it in the States, I'm fascinated by the titles they received this morning. They each received three:

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Earl and Countess of Strathearn
Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus

My personal favorite is the third. Doesn't "Carrickfergus" sound like a rash that would break out on the bottom of you feet?

E Online knew we would all be curious about our perspective titles, so they've created a page where you can type in your name and generate your own royal title.

Mine is Duchess Stephanie Prudence Jordanton of Shreveportburgh

That is how I expect you all to refer to me now. It's only proper!

And Ty's is Earl Ty Fearnsley Jordanham of Shreveportport

Not sure why we don't live in the same place? Or why our last names are the same? But I prefer Jordanham of Shreveportport.

So, in celebration of this royal day, you can go here and generate your royal title. And please do share with the rest of us!


Ashley Netherton said...

Ok, here's what mine is,
Baroness Ashley Duckworth Netherton berton of Bossierport
But, You can call me Baroness for short..

Stephanie Jordan said...

I would prefer to call you Baroness Duckworth if that's OK with you?

Ashley Netherton said...

That'll be fine Duchess Steph.. aka Prudy..

Crystal said...

Too funny! I did it 4 (yes, 4) times. Here are my titles...uh hum. 1. Baroness Crystal Ticky Wibbenham of Shreveportport, 2. Countess Crystal Lulu Wibbenton of Shreveportburg, 3. Countess Crystal Ticky Wibbencott of Shreveportshire, and 4. Lady Crystal Duckworth Wibbencott of Shreveportpool. I kinda like a combination of them: Countess Crystal Ticky Lulu Wibbenham of Shreveportshire. Just sayin'.

Stephanie Jordan said...

I really like your third name Crystal. Can't get over Ticky!

Marcus said...

Prince Marcus-Philip Fearnsley Taylorcott of Shreveportport

Stephanie Jordan said...

Marcus, I sort of wish you were actually a royal because I'm loving Fearnsley Taylorcott!

sga said...

You're gonna think I'm making this up, but I swear this is what I got. Honestly, I'm not a perv.

Prince Steven Heston Antrimcock of Clintonpool

misti said...

"stunning, babe" I love it! I haven't seen any coverage yet (apparently I live under a rock), but I can't wait!


Princess Misti Hadley Walkercott of Rustonburgh

Lindsey said...

haha! mine is Duchess Lindsey Musgrave Lewiston of Shreveportshire.

Erinn and Trey said...

Erinn Lulu Buteauham of Shreveportshire.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Thank you all for sharing your names!! Erinn Lulu??? I didn't know Lulu was a royal name??