Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Has Sprung (In My Closet)

I'm wearing my white pants for the first time this season. I love white pants. I have three pair - linen, cotton, denim. It's a problem.

Since today is my first of many days in white pants, it seems a fitting time to discuss what happens in my closet this time of year. Like most, I rotate out the winter wear and in the spring stuff. Then I immediately set about filling in all the items I think are missing. This has resulted in three weeks time, the purchase of four dresses. I find summer dresses completely irresistible. I should be set for church for some time.

Here's a preview of what I'm liking so far.

I bought this little knit number at Loft several weeks back and haven't worn it yet because I can't decide between ...


or not belted? I'm thinking belted, right? Otherwise it looks like a very cute nightgown.

I wore this ruffly silk dress to church last week. It was bright and fitting for Easter. I ordered it from Boden, my ultimate weakness, and it took three weeks to arrive at my house. With Boden, you never know if you're garments are shipping from the States or from across the Big Pond, so it's always good to order in advance. And always worth the wait!

I also got this dress from Boden. It was so summery, bright, fun and adorable ... just couldn't pass it up. This is what spring does to me! It makes me want to part my hair down the middle and dress like a 70s disco dancer. Still cute!

And if that wasn't enough, I felt I didn't have something appropriate to wear to an engagement party last weekend, so I had this Maggy London dress overnighted from Nordstrom.

It could be my favorite of them all. I'm really into orange right now and ikat fabrics. I wish I could find this fabric to make some matching throw pillows.

I hope this spring shopping addiction ends soon, but I've been eyeballing this dress from Garnet Hill and don't know how long I can resist.

There's just so much cute stuff right now. Someone stop me!!


Kate said...

Belted for sure. No one likes a woman in a potato sack. :) Miss u

Stephanie Jordan said...

Good point. Belted it is.

Miss you, too! LJ and I have been trying to plan a weekend to escape to N.O. How long are you there?

Lindsey said...

Belted. I LOVE all of your dresses! I am jealous of the 2nd Boden dress...i love the teal one, too.

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

I love ALL these dresses... especially the ikat one. =) I sure wish you'd come over here and help me organize my closet, Stephanie. It's a wreck!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Boden is my favorite. Just discovered it about a year ago and can't look at the catalog when it comes to the house because I want it all.

Meryl, I think the ikat is my favorite, too! Thanks for letting me know where you got it. That is worthy of a trip around the globe for some closet reoganization!