Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ty's Treinta Fiesta!

In honor of Ty's 30th, we hosted a fiesta this past Saturday night at our house, complete with "music, margaritas and mustaches." If you know my husband, then you understand the inclusion of mustaches. He simply loves them! I think he must have watched too many Bert Reynold's movies as a kid. Specifically, "Smokey and the Bandit."

Picture above: I think this is what Ty dreams our life should be like. In reality, I probably wouldn't be smiling as pleasantly as Sally Field. But can you believe that once upon a time Bert Reynolds was actually good looking? And with a mustache? My husband dreams of the day's return when mustaches are more common place and viewed as "sexy."

Back to the party. We provided the keg, Vodka Freeze and frozen Hurricanes (Ty decided at the last minute he didn't really want margaritas), fajitas, taquitos, queso, salsa and a variety of other yummies, and our friend Sonny Rambin provided the live music. With the help of The Blanchers, I had some interesting mustache decorations scattered across the tables. We super-imposed mustaches on some of Ty's pictures (yes, there actually is an app for that!). These are my favorites:

I also found some stick-on mustaches for people to try on and have a good laugh. Which worked out wonderfully and resulted in much laughter and some fantastic photos:

 {Lauren, me, Ashley and LJ}

 {Marcus and LJ}

{Adam and Marcus}

{Chris ... this was taken a little later in the evening!}

The mustache bash worked out great, but I'm not really sure what to do for Ty's birthdays from here on? I may have pulled off some of my best work (with the help of several others), and thankfully I have some time to plan before 40 rolls around.

P.S.: In case you were wondering why LJ's arm is in a sling. Here's the explanation:

My girl broke her collar bone like a twig on a recent ski trip. This picture hurts me. And I can't imagine how she did this and didn't even cry!? Can you say "ouch"?


Ashley Netherton said...

Sing it with me.. everybody, "Eastbound and down, loaded up and trucking..." The party was a blast, as evident by the pics, and the mass quanities of food that were devoured! I can also summarize the pic of Chris with one word.. PROUD!

Lindsey said...

hahahaha!!! Love it! Any pictures of Ty from the party?

Stephanie Jordan said...

No pictures of Ty just yet. Kristen Blancher took pictures for me, so once I get those I will definitely be sharing! His mustache was the real deal.

Mandy S said...

Love all the bearded photos!! sorry i missed the party!! I know it was a blast!!! i am especially sad i missed all the good music (and food and company and mustaches!)

Meryl & Russell McLendon said...

These are hilarious!! So creative!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Mandy, we eventually got shut down by the neighbors ... RB's pediatrician. We may need you to smooth things over when you get back in town!