Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockin' Robin (Egg)

I was going to share my fish taco recipe today. But I'm feeling nauseous and can't really talk about fish tacos because it makes me gag, and no, I'm not pregnant. Warning to the single ladies: Once you get married, you can no longer have a tummy ache. Someone will always suggest it's pregnancy. And then you'll have to remind said someone that you've only been married seven months and aren't ready for babies yet. Then they'll ask when you think you'll start "trying." And then you'll do you best to change the subject. It's just the way things are going to go for a while.

But, as an alternative to fish tacos, I will update you on the bird that has built its nest on our front door arrangement and flown into our living room twice. Pretty much the bird's second visit was a repeat of the first event, but the second time ended with Ty batting it out the front door with a broom. Pretty good swing for a swimmer.

Since the bird's second visit, I've made sure to make a lot of noise and give the door an extra shake when I open it. We're idiots if this bird flies into our house for a third time, so giving the bird a little heads up that we're about to open the door seems like a good solution until we can remove the nest.

I opened the door yesterday and saw something new.

That little blue egg changes everything. It's sort of teetering on the edge of the nest, which makes me very nervous.

Now, I can't remove the nest.

Now, I can't make noise and shake the door when I open it to alert the bird, which means there will probably be a third visit to our living room.

Now, I will feel like a jerk if this little egg ends up scrambled on the threshold of my front door.

Now, I must check daily to make sure this little egg makes it to full term (not sure if that's how birds refer to their egg's hatching, but you know what I mean).

Now, I'm thinking of putting a sign on the door similar to one of those "shh ... baby sleeping" to let the mailman know to be gentle when he inserts our mail in the mail slot. For heaven's sake, there is a robin's egg on my front door!

Now, I'm wondering what happens when the egg hatches. Will there be a baby bird living in my door for several more weeks? Will it chirp a lot?

Now, I won't be able to get a new wreath for spring.

Now, you're all thinking this is the most thought ever put into a robin's egg and wish I'd just written about fish tacos.


Lindsey said...

I know! Isn't it crazy that the day you get are supposed to have kids. And then when you have your first, they will ask when you are having your second??

Stephanie Jordan said...

Literally, THE DAY you get married. I think it starts at your wedding reception!

When does it stop! That's my question!

Erin said...

I'll never forget when a cicada flew in to Adam and Kristen's kitchen (he had made a little home on their screen door), and Kristen and I bolted outside leaving Adam to battle the cicada himself with a tennis racket (or something swingy of the sort). That's the mental image I got of Ty battling the bird flying in to y'alls living room. I commend y'all cause a bird is a lot bigger than a cicada and it sounds like you helped him, instead of leaving him to fend for himself. This robin couldn't have picked a more stylish home to build her nest in. Good luck with all that! :)

melissa said...

I was going to suggest maybe you should take a test, but then I read on.
People are already asking us if we are going to have anymore.. really? My babies are 3 months old people!

Keep an eye on that egg!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Erin, I can't say that I was much help to Ty. I pretty much stood in the doorway and freaked out anytime the bird flew near. I think I heard that story about the cicada!!! Thank goodness for men who HAVE to do all the dirty work!

Melissa, I think having twins bought you a little time!! I know everyone means well. I'm going to do my best to protect that egg. I think it's the first test of my motherhood gene. This has to go well for me to even start thinking about babies! :)

Cynthia said...

Hey Stephanie! The baby bird will be there for a little while after it hatches, but hopefully not for very long (a week or two, I'm guessing). We've had a couple of bird "situations" at our house. We had a baby bird fly into our house a few years ago and it flew into the bathroom while I was in the shower and fluttered around in the shower with me! I totally freaked out and had Brian save the day. :-) Now, that is a funny visual. ;-)